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    Fabulously Frightening Halloween Themes

    The way you think of Halloween depends a great deal on your outlook on life. If you’re a party animal, then it’s the chance to get dressed up, perhaps in costume, and let your wild side out again. If you’re a cynic, then it’s a bunch of people dressed as sexy vampires, sigh. If you’re a professor of mythology, it’s a chance to explain to people that actually, “Dracula” was a nickname. And, of course, for some delicious punch. Even mythology professors like to cut loose sometimes.

    If there is one problem with Halloween, it’s that conveying the feel of the day with your celebrations gets harder. Because we’re expected to “go extreme“, the challenge is outdoing everyone else. And the you of last year. Which, in the age of cloning, would be an excellent theme for a party, actually. Remember where you read it first!

    But there you go. How do you go one better on a holiday that is designed to take things to the extreme? The logical end to that strategy is holding a party at which you kill someone and drink their blood. And despite what TV may have taught you, it won’t give you eternal life and super-strength. It will give you “life”, but only in the sense of a prison sentence. People won’t return your calls.

    Halloween isn’t just about scaring people silly, which is the good news. It is as important to be weird and wonderful – especially wonderful – these days. So instead of upping the gore and guts, which as anyone who has seen Hostel and Hostel 2 can tell you doesn’t make things better, go another way.

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