The Necessary Evils of Traveling the World

Traveling is always worth it in the end. Immersing yourself in new cultures and experiences is one of the most enlightening things you can do.

We all like to be away from home, but if you’re like me you hate the process of it. If it was possible to instantly teleport yourself to a tropical location, I’m sure we all would. Since we can’t, here’s some of the more annoying things we have to deal with in our pursuit of travel.

Airport Queues

Waiting in line to check-in your baggage is instantly followed by waiting in line to pass security. After that, you’re treated with another line to board the flight. The long line of lines traveling entails is definitely one of the worst parts.

Keeping all your documentation in order can also be a hassle. Keeping hold of tickets, money and your Passport can be tricky with a limited amount of pockets. Accessories like an RFID Passport holder can help, but you’ll still have to worry about what liquids will be confiscated from you at security!

Long Flights

Being able to fly across the world is a beautiful thing, but I’d be lying is I said it’s fun. When in-flight entertainment loses its fun, it gets interspersed with staring out of the window.

When you can’t wait to land in a new country, hours spent in the air can feel like forever. Of course, the end result is worth it, but the long travel is still draining!

Don’t even get me started on airport food!

Losing Money

Flying somewhere new costs a lot on its own. Still, it’s the spending money that really hurts your wallet. Being on holiday always has a way of sucking your money into a black hole. After all, most of us have that philosophy of “why not, I’m on holiday!

The experience is worth it, but you still have to feel a little pain when you look back at your bank account.

The Packing

What do I take? What do I leave? What will I bring back with me and how will it all fit in this little case? These are just some of the packing questions we have to deal with.

The Initial “Where am I?”

Visiting new places is great, but there are a few moments you’ll wonder where do I eat? Where’s the closest shop?

This gets more difficult if you’re in a country with a different language. How do I communicate? How can I ask for directions? How do I order this? Still, getting past all that is part of the fun.

Going Back to Reality

Spending a couple of weeks lounging around on a tropical destination is great. That is, right up until you realize you have to go back to your average life. It does make you value your experience more, but doesn’t make it any easier to leave!


Despite all these things, I’d never give up on living that carry-on life. Dealing with long lines, long flights and everything else is a small price to pay to experience the joys of traveling!





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