A Quick Guide To Cruise Ships

As most of you know I’ve been always flying out of airports and looking for the best flight in terms of costs and duration. But flights are not the only thing that can take one person from point A to point B nor is it the only way you can enjoy a holiday by yourself or with loved ones. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular cruiser, there is a lot to consider when booking a cruise or boating holiday. The size and type of boat you travel can completely change your experience, so choosing the right option for you is important.

Read the breakdown of different types and what you can gain from them before booking your next cruise!

Small Ships


Smaller ships tend to be used for shorter trips and journeys. They are used for river cruises and trips around the Mediterranean, where less luggage and equipment is needed on board. tours in Panama are a really fun example of this, with trips up and down the canal lasting a few days.

With a smaller boat, there are obviously fewer passengers on board. You are likely to make more friends and become more acquainted with everyone on board. It is much easier to get to know the staff and your neighbours, due to the closer proximity. However, this can be a negative if you are wanting to keep to yourself more. With fewer people and a smaller area, it can be harder to find space alone.

The catering on a smaller ship will also be more intimate, normally with one main room for dining. The options may be narrower, with less variety. But with less guests to serve, the chefs can sometimes be more accommodating.

The entertainment on smaller boats tends to be more authentic and include local performers and cultures. With less casino’s and flashier options, it can be a great way to really experience the location you are visiting. With less entertainment on board, more focus is put on booking day trips and activities on land. These come at extras and can be expensive.

Large Ships


The huge cruise ships are ideal for those who are happy in the hustle and bustle of crowds and larger groups of people. Some carry thousands of guests, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet lots of new people and friends. With many bars and different sections, there is always something new to discover. This can also be a negative, though, as some people can feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crowds and all that is going on. They can sometimes feel like huge resorts and cities, and you can lose the feeling of being out at sea.

Catering is much more varied on a larger ship, as there are normally a variety of restaurant and eateries to choose from. This works much better for people who are fussy over food or want to try specific things. There are normally luxury restaurants available, which cost extra. These can book up fast, though, so it’s best to pre-book this before the holiday.

Entertainment on the mega-cruise ships is out of this world. With casinos and arcades, music shows and theatres, there is plenty to keep you busy. In the daytime there are normally swimming pools and water parks, providing entertainment for the whole family.

I personally love traveling by plane as I can easily get motion sickness on a boat however, I also love being out in the open sea. What about you?





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