Fun Ideas For An Autumn Vacation This Year

Now that summer is rapidly heading to an end (boo), a lot of people are considering booking an Autumn vacation. For one, it’s quieter than other times of the year as the kids are all back at school. And secondly, you can often get a discounted rate if you go out of high-season. Therefore, an Autumn break is highly favoured by a lot of couples. Here are some fun ideas for a fun fall vacation this year.

Enjoy some late sun in the Canary Islands

One fun idea for an autumn vacation this year would be to go and enjoy some late sun. You could head to the Canary Islands as they stay warm during the winter months. The islands include Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, and Tenerife. The sun stays around 20 celsius way into the autumns months so you are still guaranteed to still get a nice tan. There is plenty to do and see on the islands to keep you busy for a lovely autumn vacation. You can find out more about the Canary islands here.




Go and see the northern lights in Greenland

Another fun idea for an autumn vacation this year is to go and see the Northern Lights (or sometimes referred to as the Aurora Borealis). Some of the best places to see them are Iceland, Finland, and Greenland. A lot of people rule out Greenland as they don’t know much about it. But it’s a great place to visit which doesn’t get overcrowded during the Autumn months. It’s an also ideal time to go if you want to see the northern lights due to its prime position. You will love seeing the Northern Lights, and it’s something you won’t forget. You should consider booking a tour to ensure you get a fantastic view of the Aurora Borealis in Greenland. 



Also… on the topic of Northern Lights, don’t forget to check out this blog by Travel Pockets as they discuss in detail about their trip to Iceland and how they experienced the Northern Lights there.


Go skiing in Canada

You should also consider going skiing in Canada for your autumn vacation this year. There are an array of ski resorts where you can enhance your skiing skills. Whistler is often rated as one of the top ski resorts to stay in while you are in Canada. You might want to arrange some lessons before you get to the country, so you can learn more when you are on the slopes. And when you aren’t skiing, you can take a look at the beauty of the great country. You can learn more about visiting Canada in my previous blog post.




Enjoy a city break in Rome

Another fun idea for a great autumn vacation this year would be to enjoy a city break in Rome. As it won’t be as hot, it’s more bearable to have a look around the sights. It also won’t be as busy meaning you won’t have to wait in long queues to get inside attractions such as the Colosseum. You will find that hotels and apartments in Rome are a lot cheaper in the Autumn months to stay at. Restaurants will also put down their prices as it will mainly be the locals eating there. You can also do some early Christmas shopping if you visit in October or November.




Hopefully, these fun ideas will ensure you have a great autumn vacation this year! What are your favorite destinations during the autumn holiday? 





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