Love Lessons Learned From Hollywood

Celebrities. We’re used to watching them rise and fall in the news and in the media. We see their love lives grow and then implode. We constantly idolize them and decide who we want to be together. We might even hope for the on-screen pairings to develop into a true relationship. It has certainly happened in the past. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, to name just one relationship that began on the silver screen. Today, I want to think about what celebrities can teach us about love and relationship. What pitfalls have they fallen into and how can we avoid the mistakes that some have made.


Don’t Broadcast Arguments

Celebrities constantly broadcast their arguments and make them into a public ordeal. Gone are the days when arguments and confrontations stayed quiet. Just this year, we have seen Johnny Depp’s relationship burst into the public spotlight. Depp was once known for keeping his family and personal matters away from the tabloids. This was the first time we received a look into what he was like behind closed doors, and it wasn’t pretty. Allegations of abuse and threats of murder all circulated a vicious divorce. Of course, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are not the only ones who bring their relationship into the spotlight. These days, lots of people do it on Facebook and Twitter. They post something about an argument with their partner. It becomes a show that everyone can enjoy. If more people dealt with their issues as a partnership, their relationship might survive.


Money Isn’t Everything

For me, celebrities are proof that money doesn’t buy happiness. If money could buy happiness, there would not be so many failed celeb relationships. As such, I think it’s important to realize that it doesn’t matter if you can’t buy your partner fancy items. Look at it this way, Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring cost millions. Despite there being evidence that she might have had to buy that herself, she also wakes up everyday married to Kanye WestI think it might be better to be married to someone you can count on, and you can trust. If we’re trusting the tabloids, there is certainly evidence to suggest neither is true in their relationship. You can check out to find out more about the real lifestyles and love stories of the Kardashians.


Controlling Behaviour 

We’ve all ended up in what I would refer to as a toxic relationship. If you’re with someone who tries to control who you are and what you do, this is a toxic relationship. There have been many that have been privately discussed and publicly exposed in Hollywood. One of the most famous is surely the breakdown of the marriage between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Allegedly, she couldn’t handle how he tried to control every aspect of her life. While the full facts are unclear, there is evidence that Cruise makes anyone he dates bend down, so he looks taller. A controlling relationship like this is sure to end with a breakup. You need to give your partner the freedom to live their life as they want.


Let’s hear it for the celebrities and the media for portraying both the good and bad of being in a relationship. After every heartbreak that these famed individual has put a spotlight on, let’s focus on what we shouldn’t bring back to our own relationship. Let’s keep our relationships out of the public eye and leave the show for the celebrities to cue in their roles.





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