Why Nigeria Is Africa’s Most Irresitible Country

Africa is a continent filled with diversity of ethnicities and culture. But none are more impressive than Nigeria. Found on it’s west coast overlooking the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria is Africa’s most densely populated country. It’s people are said to be some of the most generous and friendly throughout the world and welcome tourists with open arms. You can discover so much about their customs and culture, as well as learning more about the country’s history. There are also opportunities to go on a safari, visit local markets and spend time just enjoying the fantastic weather. Unfortunately, despite all of this many tourists often don’t consider spending their vacation here. If you’re unsure whether it’s right for you or not, take a look at the following reasons…


The People

As previously stated, the Nigerian locals are exceptionally friendly and enjoy meeting new people. As it is so populated, it’s filled with a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities as well as people from all kinds of backgrounds. One of the main dialects is English which makes it incredibly easy to communicate and talk to them. You can share stories and gain further understanding of their customs and rituals. This will not only teach you more about Nigeria but can also help you discover more about yourself too. For many people, the local people are what makes their visit so memorable and unique.


The Nightlife

While Nigeria’s major cities are fantastic to visit during the day, they really come to life when the sun goes down. The cities of Lagos and Abuja, in particular, have plenty to offer in terms of nighttime entertainment. No matter what your preferences are, you will undoubtedly be spoiled for choice. If you love to dance the night away, there are a whole host of nightclubs and bars you can visit. If you’re a sport or music fan, you can catch a concert or sporting event in one of Nigeria’s stadiums. Food fans will love the array of top restaurants, offering both local and international cuisines. You’ll even be able to take part in cultural and religious festivals with the locals. To find out more about entertainment in Nigeria, you can look here.


The Markets

Another fantastic reason to visit Nigeria is it’s selection of local markets. Here you can buy trinkets and souvenirs ranging from artwork to clothing. Again, it’s another way for you to mingle with the locals and learn more about their everyday lives. You can also visit the markets to buy fresh fruit and local cuisines which you may not have tried before. It’s also customary to barter the price when visiting a Nigerian market and you could get some real bargains. No trip to this country would be complete without visiting at least one of it’s colorful markets. To stay safe when visiting markets anywhere in the world, you can look here.


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If these reasons have compelled you to add Nigeria to your travel list, you’re in for an experience unlike any other. If you still need more of a reason to go, visit this post for more information on 15 best places to visit in Nigeria. From it’s landscapes to it’s people, you’ll learn something new around every corner.






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