Is Life Really Too Short For These Things?

Living life to the fullest is one thing we hear a lot of. That and how life is too short. But as we live our days and live our lives, do we take both of those statements into account? It’s hard when you work a job that you don’t enjoy. Perhaps staying in a relationship where you don’t feel completely fulfilled. Maybe the daily stress of life is getting you down, like money troubles, debt mounting up or not earning enough to save. Maybe it’s you that’s the problem. Maybe you’re too focused on losing weight or getting that promotion that you don’t stop to enjoy life every once in awhile.

We are all at risk for one reason or another of letting life pass us by. By not thinking, being prepared and taking risks. I thought it would be great to look at ways we can inject a bit of life loving back into our daily routines. Let’s face it, we all still have to work and pay our bills. But perhaps we can relax a little about some of the finer details.


Obsessing over healthy eating

Maybe you focus too much on your weight. This can mean it can take over your life. But why should you let it? Are you happy with yourself? Too many times we can let weight issues become an obsession. That it becomes the only important thing in our lives. However, it isn’t the be all and end all. There are risks for letting things like this take over you life. Binge eating on kale isn’t the life anyone wants, and it can be quite bad for you anyway. Who knew? On a serious note healthy eating should be a way of life, it should be more about a lifestyle change.


Not taking those chances

Have you considered yourself to be a risk taker? These days more people stress over the little details than making snap decisions. Is this a good thing? I think so. It allows us to be prepared in situations and to work out all angles. There is more risk these days than ever before. More chance to lose money through gambling that becomes an addiction. More chance to be hurt in a relationship due to past hurts and mistakes. While there is an argument to say that you shouldn’t let things like this deter your life. That living on the edge is all part of living your life to the full. It helps to be prepared.


Negative thinking 

A negative mindset can be a big stumbling block in your road. It can stop you moving forward because you become trapped in your own self doubt and lack of confidence. Life is too short for negativity. That goes for the negative thoughts, the mindset, the people in your life. They all have their own effect on you and it can be damaging. Try and create a positive mindset and watch life be transformed.


I hope this has inspired you to consider whether you are living your life to the fullest.






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