Planning holidays: Why Control Beats Convenience

When we book a holiday, it is often the done thing to put all of the key decisions in the hands of a travel agent. Package holidays are considered to take the stress out of booking and allow you to focus on the break itself. Once the break is booked, you can get on with packing, picking out clothes and brushing up on your French, Spanish or whatever other language.

However, you will find that with package holidays you are leaving quite a lot to chance. Essentially, you are picking the destination and then leaving everything up to your travel agent. That includes where you’re staying, how you are getting there and in many cases your itinerary while there. You may well find that when you arrive, things are not as you hoped they would be.

If you want to make your holiday fit you, a better option is to take the time out to make bookings yourself and plan the holiday you want. It’s a little more effort on your part, but it makes the holiday less hard work for you.


Getting There: Picking The Right Flight


A block-booked package holiday leaves you dependent on the flight that is on offer. To make the booking cost-effective, the travel agent will book with the airline that makes sense to them. By booking the flight yourself, you can pick the airline, the airports you fly from and to, and the time of the journey. That way, you’re not getting up at 3 in the morning to drag everyone to the right airport, to land somewhere 100 miles from the hotel.


Your Hotel: Research Can Save You From Bad Decisions


When you book a package holiday you are bound to the hotel that the agent picks for you. Sometimes this will be perfectly nice, but when it is chosen for you, you don’t really have any control over it. And sometimes, you’ll find it doesn’t work for you. Looking online, with the assistance that you can find at, you can pick a hotel that will suit your pocket and your preferences.


Where To Go And How To Get There


Package holidays lay on an itinerary for you, which is often very enjoyable, but is picked to be as nice as manageable for a broad range of people. So you may find that what is laid on can be a little bland. If you want to make it more exciting, it’s worth looking into the options you can book online before traveling. You can set your own itinerary.

Additionally, you can plan how you get from place to place. Rather than stepping on a coach to go to the same place at the same time as 30 other people, you can rent a car and get yourself to the places you want to go.

It does require a little more work upfront, but planning the holiday yourself gives you control and saves you money. It means the holiday you take is the holiday you want. And that’s why we go on holiday to begin with. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the best travel apps! 





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