Cool Ways to Nail the Indie Look

We all have a friend who’s a bit of an indie chick. She looks super cool at all the local gigs and gets all the hot rock guys. And on top of all that she always looks totally stylish. Want to nail her look? Here are some tips for getting the indie chick look just right.


Skinny Jeans

If there is one piece of clothing that screams ’indie’ it is the humble skinny jean. These denim stalwarts are great for tall girls as they can show off their slender legs. But short girls (like me!) can also wear them as well, especially if they wear a long t-shirt, to create an illusion of height. But the best way to incorporate your skinny jeans into your indie look is to wear them with some kick-ass boots. Chelsea boots or biker boots can really top-off your whole outfit.

Piercings And Tattoos

Indie girls love being different with funky tattoos and piercings. And when I talk about piercings, I don’t just mean your ear lobes. Think about getting a Forward Helix Piercing or your nose done. Simple tattoos are also popular with the indie set. How about some lyrics from our favourite guitar band? But don’t feel like you have to get piercings or tattoos. They are permanent body decorations, and you should only get them if you are 100% sure.


Hats are another big part of the alternative look. One of the most popular hats with the indie crowd is the trilby hat. This will look great with your skinny jeans and boots. But it also has the added advantage of also working well with smart outfits. So you can always wear it with your work outfits too! Big floppy hats are also popular with indie chicks, especially those who are inspired by vintage and boho trends.

Band T-Shirts

When we all think of the general indie chick look, it’s hard to imagine a girl who isn’t wearing a band t-shirt. It’s one of the main tell-tale signs of the indie look. You have your favourite band, it is very important that you show off your allegiance by wearing it boldly across your chest! There are some band shirts that are iconic. Such as Nirvana, Joy Division, and The Who. Almost every indie kid will have one of these classic shirts in their collection!

Dark Makeup

Finally, on to makeup! Most indie girls love thick black eyeliner. It needs to be on both your top and bottom eyelid. Don’t forget to also add an Amy Winehouse style flick to the line on your top lid. Eyeshadow isn’t necessary for this look, but if you do use it make sure it is a dark shade. If you want to wear lipstick, it needs to be bright red. Keep your foundation and blusher light and not too overbearing. You need to make sure your eyes and lips are the main attention grabbers!
Now you will look like an authentic indie chick at the next gig you go to!





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