Holidays For Twenty-Somethings

Going on holiday is something that should always be enjoyed. As you get older this means different things to different people. When you’re a kid, some fun activities and a swimming pool are all you really need. When you’re a student, it’s much the same but sometimes with alcohol added. As you move through life, you look for more relaxation to an extent, with sunny beaches and spectacular scenery a priority.

There are some places you should travel to before you settle down and you still have plenty of energy. They maybe have more culture and wonder to them than what you’re looking for in your adolescence. They have a bit more of a challenge than you’ll want with kids in tow. They can be embarked upon alone, or with a like-minded companion. What they all have in common is a sense of real frontier-pushing.


Canada: Rich In Natural Wonder

When people look towards North America for holiday destinations, they so frequently talk about the USA or Mexico. Yet a visa from gives you passage to the hidden beauty of the continent: majestic Canada. Filled as they are with resort destinations, this is no surprise. I’m not trying to be basis (or maybe I am…) but I’m so proud to be Canadian myself. Canada is filled with so many hidden gems, greenery and refreshing waters. But Canada, in its own quieter Canadian way, is a pleasure to visit. The majesty of Niagara Falls, Quebecois quirkiness of Montreal and arts of Vancouver are all highpoints.

Iceland: See It So You Can Believe It


There are few countries that can lay as honest a claim to the title of “unique” as Iceland. Right up at the top of Europe, it’s not somewhere that was often passed through on major trade routes. As such it is very much a country that cherishes its individuality. Volcanic landscapes, blissful hot springs and majestic fjords make your day. At night, the atmosphere in Reykjavik is welcoming and wild. An epic destination. Don’t believe me? Check out The Travel Pockets as they share their travel experience in Iceland!

India: Colourful, Often Chaotic, Always Exciting


India may not be the best place to visit if you want to stay away from crowds, as it is one of only two countries in the world with more than a billion inhabitants. This does not mean you can’t have peaceful times here – a trip to Goa is considered to be among the best relaxing breaks in India. For a bit more of a buzz, taking in Mumbai and Delhi brings you a bit more into the life and soul of India. Here you can find authentic colourful saris and historical spice markets to please anyone with an interest in food. It’s busy and rushed, and best appreciated when you have the energy to keep up.

New Zealand: A Lot More Than Just Sheep


The stereotype is that New Zealand is full of sheep and little else, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is home to scenery so epic that Peter Jackson chose it as the setting for his Lord of the Rings films. The country is situated on the famous (some would say infamous) Ring of Fire, so volcanos and mountains dot the landscape. Abseiling, bungee jumping and kayaking await you on the land of the long white cloud.

Traveling helps shape people and provides growth in individuals. I’d always recommend traveling while you’re young as traveling when you get a lot older and hold on to more responsibilities can change the way you experience things. Having that said, event hough the title is meant to target 20-somethings, the places to explore (that is mentioned above) and the cultures to experience is for any age — it’s always on how you perceive it.





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