A Starter Guide To Building Yourself Up

Nobody’s Perfect. When you look at those two words, the meaning they convey, it’s pretty impressive how much they sum up in just fourteen letters. Yes, I wore the same outfit last week, but nobody’s perfect. Yes, you annoyed me with the comment you made yesterday, but nobody’s perfect. Depending on how and when you say it, it can convey forgiveness, defiance, regret and any number of other things.

When people judge by appearance, or hand out insults based on it, they’re usually acting out of their own insecurity. If you studied them for long enough, and were as unpleasant as they are, you could use that. It takes zoning in on the one thing someone is most uncomfortable with, and using it. But that’s what unpleasant people do. In the meantime, it’s useful to work on your own insecurities.

There are so many things to be insecure about. Your weight, your looks, your qualifications or lack thereof. For a lot of people, insecurity starts in the way their teeth look. In fact, a study showed 96% of people think a smile is an important factor to someone’s attractiveness. If you have a complex about it, it’s a real issue. You feel more confident when you can smile openly, and if you’re not happy with your smile you’re more likely to keep your head down. You don’t look people in the eye and you definitely don’t smile. And this can take the power from you.

Have A Dental Care Routine, But Do More

Yes, we brush our teeth in the morning and again in the evening. And maybe after meals too. Most of us will floss, too, and use mouthwash. This is important for dental health and for some confidence, but if you want to bust out your best smile, more is needed. With whiter teeth you’ll smile more broadly – assistance from this teeth whitening method can make a big difference. Before long, you’ll be more confident. (If interested, White with Style has a whitening kit retailing at $269.99 – use my discount code glennymah to receive it for $28 instead)

Be Prepared To Smile At The Mirror

If you’re someone who suffers from low self-esteem, then every second spent in front of the mirror feels like a minute. The last thing you’re likely to want to do is smile at it. But if you are prepared to stand and smile, you will gain more confidence. Your body recognizes the act of smiling as a positive thing, and rewards you by releasing happier hormones. Repeat the process until you feel it; which you will.

Sometimes You Need To Move On From Toxic People

There are a lot of toxic people in this world who manipulate others as easily as if they were changing hats. They’re the kind of people who will tell you you look so much better when you smile – and then say you need to do something about your teeth. They give with one hand and take away with another, and sometimes you need to just get past them. Don’t allow them airspace in your head, and see your stress lift.


It’s true that nobody’s perfect. That statement isn’t a challenge – it’s not “nobody’s perfect – yet!”. Nobody can be, and the people who make you feel lesser certainly aren’t perfect. But the more you work on things that make you confident, the better you will feel – and the less their insults will bother you.





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