Keeping The Love Alive In Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are hard, to say the least. You don’t see the other person for weeks on end, and it can tear a couple apart. In fact, 75% of couples end up splitting in long distance relationships. But it can work if you both make an effort to stay in contact and meet up as much as you can. And it can be a great relationship if it works for you both! Here is some help to keep to keep the love alive in long distance relationships.

Write love letters to one another

It can be hard to remember why you both love each other when you don’t spend much time together. Therefore, to keep the love alive, you should send each other love letters (or love emails). It’s the most romantic form of communication you can do. You should explain what you love about them and reminisce about your favorite moments together. It also gives you both a chance to express your love without being in close contact. It will give you both a boost to keep the relationship going and will keep it strong!

Send each other gifts

To keep your love alive, you should surprise him by sending a gift. It will put a smile on his face and remind him how much you love him. It’s a great way to treat him without being in close proximity. It could be something small that you have made yourself such as a photo book. Or you can find him a gift he will love on sites like for ideas. It will show him you have been thinking about him, and he will soon return the favor with a gift of his choice!

Talk to each other regularly

It’s so important to talk to each other in a long distance relationship to keep the love alive. You can tell each other about your day and feel like you are still a big part of each other’s lives. You should try and speak on the phone at least once a day to each other. Or even get on Skype or Facetime which are both a godsend for couples that are far away from each other. Even if you can only speak for 10 minutes, it’s a great way to remind yourself of each other and the love you share. If you are in a long distance relationship, you need to get a contract which allows you to have unlimited calls!

Meet up as much as you can

As well as communicating on the phone, it’s essential that you meet up as much as you can. You should both make efforts to visit each other at your homes so that one person isn’t making all the effort. As it says on All Womens Talk, meeting up together is reassurance to keep it going. Make sure the time you spend together is on your own if you haven’t seen each in ages. That way, you can catch up and relight the love between you both.

A photo by Mayur Gala.

Remember that just because you don’t see them every day it doesn’t mean they aren’t part of your life. Try to set ground rules for being apart and invite them along to events where other couples will be and remind yourself your relationship is just as important as other peoples!




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