Make The Most Of Your Photography Skills With Tips

If you have a love for incredible shapes, colors, and light, then you probably have a love for photography. Some people are naturally drawn to taking pictures of people. Portrait photography always tells a story about the subject. When you capture an image of a person, you can see their moods, emotions, and even their life story. It’s not so different when you take pictures of landscapes. Except, of course, you get to travel to the ends of the earth to take them!

There are some places on this planet that are exceptional. Those with a hardcore passion for photography will take arduous journeys to capture the essence of these places. There may even be some places on your bucket list that you’re determined to travel to one day. If you love photography, you should plan ahead and make sure you have the right equipment to capture what you want.

A lightweight tripod is essential. There are many that will fold down to just a few inches in length. Make sure you have the attachment for the camera, though, or it will be wasted! As for the camera, the choice is yours. Your smartphone is likely to run out of storage space, so choose a camera that can take a good-sized memory card. Pack an external hard drive with a card reader so you can back up or reuse the cards too.


Packing isn’t easy when you’re taking extra photographic equipment. You may also be hiking across some tough terrain to get the best vantage point. Find lightweight storage solutions like travel cubes to help you stay organized as you travel. It means you can find what you need in a hurry when you’re about to lose the light or you need to move on quickly. So where should you go to find those awe-inspiring shots?


The US has some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. Yellowstone Park is just one place you can spend a whole week taking incredible photos. The Grand Prismatic Spring will blow your mind with it’s breathtaking array of colors. If you’re great at slow speed or high-speed photography, why not try one of the watery geysers or canyon waterfalls? For low light challenges, you have to try to capture the Northern Lights in Northern Europe. Or maybe you fancy picking up a pic of the moon and stars from the desert?

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Ice is another challenge to capture, but so incredibly beautiful to achieve. Frozen waterfalls or icebergs will always appear turquoise or blue in photos. Getting the white balance right can be really tough! Then, of course, is the story of the landscape. A safari plain may feature a herd of animals or a single predatory lion. What will be your story to tell?

Photography is a wonderful hobby and a great excuse for travel. Photographing landscapes can also keep you pretty fit with all those long hikes and climbs. Of course, as the photographer, you’re the one that gets to experience the place.


Where will your passion for beautiful pictures take you next year?






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