Hair And Beauty: When Should We Spend And When Should We Save?

In 2016, we have more beauty products and makeup available to us than ever before. Whether you’re into brands or just drugstore items, there seems to be a product designed to solve a problem we didn’t even know we had! For example, highlighter is now a relatively normal part of many women’s beauty routines. A year ago, barely anyone even knew what it was. This is the power of the industry. Unfortunately, as the beauty business grows, so do the prices. Even drugstore beauty products can now set you back a fair amount of money. However, you may have had a bad experience where you scrimped on a product and it turned out to be really bad. Take a look at the list below for items it’s worth spending a little more on, and where you can save your pennies.

Foundation – spend

The majority of young women wear a foundation of sorts most days. This can range from full coverage foundation, to concealer, to tinted moisturiser. If you wear foundation every day, it is definitely worth spending a little more money on it. Cheap, low quality foundations can end up clogging up your pores and they are often so runny you need to use a lot at once. Higher quality foundations tend to follow the ‘less is more’ rule‘, meaning your bottle will last much longer. Apply it with a brush or sponge too for even better coverage.

Mascara – save

It seems like every day there is a new advert on the television promoting a mascara that will give you a false lash effect. Unfortunately, most of the models in these adverts are wearing fake eyelashes anyway. Any mascara that promises you it will substantially lengthen your eyelashes is lying, so spending $30 on a branded one won’t help. Drugstore brands can actually make some good mascaras that can give you a curly last, resulting in a more open eye, so don’t shun them!

Hairdryer – spend

A decent hairdryer is a beauty investment you won’t ever regret making. Going to the salon every week isn’t an option for most people (although you would be surprised by the number of women that do it!), so having a good kit at home is vital. Cheap hairdryers might do the job initially, but you may encounter problems. They have a tendency to break easily or overheat, which can be dangerous. Some can also have a particularly weak stream of air, which isn’t going to get your hair dried very fast. Read up on reviews on a site such as Oomphed and see what the best hairdryer for you is. Many now come with a two year warranty as well.

Anti-ageing products – save

The anti-ageing product market is vast. The companies rely on our inherent fear of getting older as a way to make us buy their creams, lotions and potions. However, there is no clear evidence that any of them (apart from the ones which have been scientifically tested) work. The best way to keep your skin from ageing is to eat well, avoid smoking or drinking too much and always use an SPF. Your skin will thank you for it.






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