Unique Gift Ideas For Family Members

When it comes to birthdays, they are some of my favorite times to celebrate. I think everyone needs to celebrate their birthday. Even if you just do something quite small, it is important to mark the occasion. Who better to celebrate birthdays with than your close family? I think we can become a little complacent when we come to birthday gifts for our family members. We can often forget about their birthdays, or just get them a generic and quite boring gift. We know them so well but can be quite unimaginative when it comes to gifts for them. So here are a few ideas to inspire you. Hopefully, they give you some ideas so that you can get something truly unique and fun for your family members next birthday.


Create an Heirloom

When it comes to family, they mean everything. So if there is something that can be passed down from generation to generation, then how special would that be? If you don’t already have something that can be passed down, then now is the time to create something that can. Jewelry is a common thing that gets given as an heirloom. A really unique idea could be diamonds made from ashes. Then you could have them put into a stunning setting. It can be given as a gift and then it could be passed on down the family. Such a special idea for a gift, isn’t it?

Homemade Hamper

Hampers are a great gift to give at any time. But for a family member, it needs to be a little bit more special than a store bought one. If you can get a box or basket together, then you can fill it with all of the recipient’s favorite things. How about some homemade baking too? If it is all things that they love, then it will make a unique and thoughtful gift. It can be a good option if you are on a budget too. As you can make it as expensive, or as cheap, as you would like. From my personal experience, any home made gift ideas are the favourite gifts anyone can receive. Check out Pinterest for gift ideas!

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

You might have a family member that has lots of different dreams and aspirations. Imagine if you actually helped one of those things to come true? You might not be able to send them off to Africa to go on a safari. But you might be able to stretch to sending them on a skydive or driving a race car for the day. Getting them a voucher for a once in a lifetime experience is such a fun gift. It will be something that they will remember forever. So how special if you are the one able to do that for them?

Michelin Star Experience

Having a memorable meal out is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Being able to celebrate at a Michelin starred restaurant is an extra special experience for everyone too. So if it isn’t something that you have done before, it is worth looking into. It might work better as a birthday celebration, rather than a gift, though.

At the end of the day, no matter what gift idea you decide to give it’ll always be cherished.






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