Top Signs That Your Relationship Is For Keeps!

Relationships are hard. It isn’t that surprising that the average woman is said to kiss at least 15 guys before finding the ‘one.’ So when you get into a good relationship, it’s easy to wonder if this one is for keeps. Here are some top signs that your relationship has a long and happy future.


You are friends as well as lovers

The ultimate key to a lasting relationship is friendship. Lust is important at the start, but this does fade over time. Therefore, you need to actually ‘like’ each other if it’s going to last the distance. If you struggle to hold down a conversation with your other half when you aren’t intimate, it’s a sign that your relationship won’t last. As this feature explains, your bond should be so much more than passion and intimacy if it’s going to last over time. It is why a lot of couples who are together for a long time were friends in the first place before getting together!


You are always talking about the future

If you and your other half are always talking about your joint plans for the future, then it’s a sign it’s going to last the distance. You should both be on the same path and want the same things if it’s going to be a long-term relationship. If he always avoids the chat of moving in together or getting a pet, it could be a sign he does not think it will be a long-term relationship. Therefore, talk to your partner about what you are hoping for the future and ask what he is planning for the next few years. If you both want the same things, you could soon be on your way for getting a great ring from a brand such as Verragio rings!


You can survive time apart  

Couples who spend all their time together tend to fall apart after a few months. After all, you need to both have your own lives if you want to make your relationship work. Otherwise, you will end up suffocating each other and will end up breaking up. Therefore, if you both manage to spend time doing your thing and then have a great time together, it could be a sign your relationship is for keeps. Couples who manage a long distance relationship tend to last for a long time too as they have successfully managed time apart.


You can be yourself with your other half

If you struggle to be yourself around your partner, then it’s never going to last the distance. You can’t pretend to be someone you are not in the long-term. Therefore, let your other half see the real you and what you love. If your other half can’t accept the way you are and wants to change you (or the other way round), it’s not genuine love! However, if you are happy to lounge around make-up free in his company, then it’s a sign you are comfortable with your other half, and it may be for keeps!


Remember the most important thing you should have in your relationship is trust and honesty. Without both of these, a relationship will end up falling apart!









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