How To Achieve The Look Of Summer 2016

It was summertime, and the weather was fine. But not all of us know how to dress for the weather while still looking good. You don’t want to fall in with fads and summer trends. After all, style is always better than fashion, and you won’t be able to wear those things next year. You want any new additions to your wardrobe to contribute to your personal look. Ideally, they’ll be things that you can wear year after year. So how do you go about stocking up your wardrobe with great items that will wow your friends and family? Well, first you need to decide on a look. Here are a few ideas.


Boho Chic



Boho Chic. 60s hippie vibes with a modern touch. This is always a popular look during the summer months and it’s not surprising. It’s pretty and feminine, but laid back and relaxed. No style choice is more approachable. Plus, the added benefit of frequently lightweight fabrics and minimal layers that come with the look mean that you won’t melt in the summer sun. So, what do you need to create this timeless look?A maxi dress is the Boho essential. A beautiful, floor length, floaty dress. Chiffon is the perfect fabric for basking in the summer sun. It will keep heat out and allow breeze in. The length will also serve to protect you from pesky insect bites. Play with different colors and patterns. This look is flexible and can fit almost any occasion. A Style Diary have a great guide to dressing boho-chic this summer: check it out here. My favorite duo bloggers, The Travel Pockets have made a great post looking Boho for the summer. Make sure you also check them out! 


Fan of Floral



Floral prints soar in popularity during summer months. Need we ask why? They’re bright, summery and reflect the blossoming nature around you. This is such a feminine look that you won’t be able to help but feel pretty in it. Blouses, dresses, skirts, headscarves, capri pants and shorts. You name it; you’ll be able to find it in a floral print. Pair with a denim button up skirt for a cute contrast. Or perhaps dungaree shorts or dungaree dresses. For a more formal look, pair with a floating maxi skirt. This look is so versatile, but will add a breath of fresh, summer air to your wardrobe.


Surf’s Up



Cowabunga! There’s no better time for watersports than the summer months. Make the most of the sea while it’s no longer icy. You can exercise, try out new sports and just have a ridiculous amount of fun in general. So what do you wear while you splash about? Well, if you’re in a colder clime you might still like to consider a wetsuit. A lightweight summer wetsuit should suffice, though. If the water is a little warmer, swimwear will be sufficient. But make sure it’s not flimsy. String tie bikini tops will fly off once you’re out and up on your board. Especially designed sports swimwear will suit your needs best. But wetsuits and sportswear aren’t to say that you can’t still look great. There are so many feminine styles available now.








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