Lust, Heart Break And Happy Ever Afters

Love, lust, heartbreak, and happy-ever-afters. We’ve most likely all been through a few. From fun and fanciful to meaningful and committed, relationships can take on many different forms. So how do you navigate through all the differences and work out what relationships are worth the fight and when it’s better just to let go? Let’s take a look at some of the relationship you may go through in life, what emotions they can bring up and how you can take steps to deal with them.




A lustful relationship is one of flight and fancy. It’s all about sexual attraction, whimsical behaviours and idealizing the partnership. In the stages of lust, you could hole yourself up in the bedroom for days on end or take a flight to Paris and spend a crazy week in the City of Love. You know it’s lust when you care more about the person’s physical attributes than you do their mind. Those in lust are also far more interested in having sex than making idle chit chat or having meaningful conversations. Lust can lead to love when it occurs simply in the early stages of a relationship.

But if six months down the line neither of you have much of interest in creating a deep friendship too, you’re probably both in lust! Some people actually refer these types of partnerships if they have just come out of a long-term relationship. And for those with busy schedules and active social lives, a lustful relationship often suits them better in certain periods of time.

If you are both in lust, enjoy this time of exploration and frivolity and go with the flow! Problems with being in lust generally only arise in one person in the relationship start to fall in love, and it’s not reciprocated. If you start to get jealous, crazy and emotional about your partner in lust, you may be starting to fall for them on a grander scale. If you crave more communication and commitment than they do, see it as a warning sign. Realize that infatuation and lustful relationships are not meant to have any permanence. They are there for a period where you need excitement, frivolity, and fun. It is very doubtful they have any future. If you think you are starting to fall in love, get out fast before you get your heart broken.




A photo by David Cohen.

I don’t know many people that haven’t been through a heartbreak or two when it comes to love. Having your heart broken can literally feel like you are being crushed to death. It’s not only the rejection that kills, but also the huge loss and gaping hole left in your life where someone once was. If the break up is not mutual and you are on the receiving end, you may want to talk to your ex to see if there is any way to fix the problem. Has he/she fallen out of love with you or is the issue something else? If there is still love there, give them some time and space to work out their feelings.

If after a month there is still no joy and you are still in pain consider writing them a letter to let them know how you feel. Another option is to get texting tips from ExBackExpertise. Programs such as these offer expert ways to win back your ex. And if you’re in despair it may be worth a try. Sometimes the power of persuasion is much stronger than we think. And if you know the right words to say, then you may be able to get your ex back. Always remember that if you and your ex do get back together, you will also need to work on the underlying problems that caused the split. You don’t want to be breaking up a second time!

If there is no chance of you and your ex getting back together you’re going to have to be strong and take the appropriate steps to get over the relationship. Harsh but true steps include throwing away all memorabilia, going cold turkey on any contact with them, not asking friends how your ex is doing, and keeping very busy. Take up new hobbies, get exercising, meet new friends and count your blessings. Wallowing in misery makes the healing process longer and more difficult. Jumping into positive action makes it much faster, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. And who knows, the love of your life could be waiting for you at the gym!


Happy Ever After



And sometimes we hit the jackpot in the lottery of love. For some, it happens when they are young, and other have to kiss a fair few frogs before finding their happy-ever-after. Either way, you’ll know when you get there! Signs of a healthy, functional relationship are communication, trust, commitment and joint decision making. You are both happy having your own space but are equally joyful when you are together. You also want the best for each other, and you motivate your partner to be the best they can in all that they do. You fight healthily. Which means you may bicker, but you do it productively and fairly and always with resolution. Your lives will also be filled with laughter, happiness, and fun.

I’m not saying there are butterflies going around your head every morning, but it does mean that you find joy in nearly all that you do as a couple. A happy-ever-after relationship also means you are on the same page when it comes to morals, marriage and babies. And you also respect each other, have intimacy and friendship and find your safe place in your partner’s arms. All these signs point towards a healthy, happy relationship that has the potential to become a successful marriage. No relationship is perfect, but it’s the way that you deal with the ups and downs of life that can set you apart as a fantastic couple. And a kind, peaceful, loving relationship is one of the best things you can hope for in life







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