Can Your Relationship Survive These Tests?

Some folks assume that starting relationships with people is easy. Well, it is, but here’s the hard part: sustaining them! There are many reasons why people break up with each other. It might not be such a big deal if you’ve only been together a couple of months. But, when long-term relationships end, there is plenty of heartache involved.

The good news is that many of us have long-lasting relationships. Despite certain “tests” they go through, those couples pass them with flying colors! So, what are the “secrets” to maintaining long-lasting relationships? Well, the main one is the ability to survive going through the following tests:

Working through disagreements

Let’s face it. All couples are going to argue about something at some point. It might be about leaving the toilet seat down. Or it could be down to less trivial matters like finances.

The point is, relationships that are destined to last can survive any disagreements. As long as both parties listen to and respect each other, of course!

Going on vacations together

It’s a well-known fact that holidays can often make or break relationships! Why? Well, each couple will be away from their respective family and friends. All they have for company is each other. And that of strangers, I should add.

Believe it or not, some couples just can’t handle being with each other on vacation. They might fight over places to visit or one’s lack of enthusiasm for the trip. They may even argue about camping in a small tent instead of being in a luxurious fifth wheel RV. It might sound strange to some people, but vacations can be a true test of a relationship’s strength!

Meeting the parents

You know your relationship is serious when you get to meet each other’s parents! For the most part, it’s a pleasant experience with nothing bad to report. The sad fact is some couples break up with each other following a parental meeting!

Mothers will think their offspring’s significant other isn’t “good enough” for them. And fathers may even threaten to kill their daughter’s boyfriend should any harm come to them! Don’t worry, though. Meeting a partner’s parents isn’t like a scene from Meet The Fockers. At least, not for the most part!

Your first trip to IKEA together

Many couples that get a place together will no doubt make the pilgrimage to their nearest IKEA store. They do so because they want cheap and contemporary furniture for their abode.

As you know, almost everything IKEA sells is in a flat-pack format. The IKEA test actually comprises two mini tests. The first is navigating the store and buying lots of heavy items. You’ve then got to make it to the car and pray everything fits in properly. Otherwise, you’ll end up rearranging everything in your car like a game of Tetris!

Assuming you both pass the first test, the second mini test is building said furniture.


If you haven’t stabbed each other in anger by now, congratulations are in order. You’ve passed the biggest tests to your relationship!









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