Could Living In An RV Really Be Better Than A Traditional Home?

As we grow up, we’re used to living in a traditional home. Four walls. A couple of floors. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living space. We’ve all seen these kind of homes countless times. No matter how they’re done up inside, there’s still an element of same-old same-old to them. But you don’t need to live in a traditional home. If you fancy going against the status quo there are all sorts of alternative housing types out there. From canal boats and narrow boats to Skateboard homes and cave homes. The lifestyles that living in such homes bring with them won’t be to everybody’s taste. But for some, they are perfection. One alternative home is an RV. So could this really be a better home for you?


The price of housing has skyrocketed over the past few years. Rent is often unaffordable and mortgages are difficult to negotiate. The cost of an RV is minimal. The output at the start may be a lot but in the long run you will save so much more money. Your home will be paid off in no time. Just make sure you use a reliable company, such as Campbell RV to start you off.


When you live in an RV, you can call anywhere home. Most places in the world are accessible by road. So you can take your home to them. With an RV you can go as you please. So why stay in one place forever? There’s a whole world waiting out there and you can’t take brick and mortar along with you.

Breathtaking Views

You can pay hundreds of thousands for a home with a view. With an RV, you can pull up near enough anywhere and the view is yours. Wake up in the morning overlooking the sea one day. Stare up into mountains the next. You’ll see things you’d never have dreamed of.


Living in a small space can test relationships. But when you are in such close proximity to your partner, you’ll learn new ways to resolve conflicts and come to resolutions between one another. The intimacy involved in living in a motorhome will bring you and your loved one together in a short period of time.


Living in an RV teaches you to be clean. You don’t have the space to be leaving dirty dishes lying around. In a large house a few dirty plates can be overlooked. But in an RV they’ll be in your face. You’ll start to automatically clean up after yourself. Which at the end of the day is a brilliant habit to have.


Decorating your RV will cost a whole lot less than decorating an entire house. However, it will be just as comfy, cosy and pretty as any other home out there. It will have a warm, friendly atmosphere which is inviting to all.


You will see your bills drastically shrink. In an RV you won’t have unnecessary bills. Lights won’t be left on in other rooms. The wastage in the average household is incredible. You won’t be a part of this.







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