The Most Common Complaints From Solo Female Travellers, and What You Can do About Them

It seems like everyone, and his uncle has an opinion of traveling solo when you are women. Some are concerned about your safety. Others about the cost, or the location that you want to see. But the people that you should be listening to are other solo travelers themselves. That’s  why I’ve put together this article of the common issues that female travels encounter and what you can do about them.


Single Supplement


One of the most frustrating things about being a solo woman traveler is that you can get slapped with a single supplement. For those that are unfamiliar, it is a premium that someone traveling on their own is asked to pay because there is only one of you resident in the room at one time. Of course, hotels and resorts make more money, the more people they have staying, so it’s meant to offset their losses.

In reality, what it does is put an extra penalty on those of us that want to see the world alone. It can put off many single female travelers as the cost of an otherwise reasonable trip can become exorbitant and prohibitive. Luckily there are some things that you can do about it.


The first is to check out the cost of a hostel room. Sharing a bunk in a dorm is usually mild cheaper than a hotel room anyway, and you aren’t punished for being solo. If you don’t like sharing your space, many hostels offer single rooms to rent. These still usually work out cheaper than staying hotel with the single supplement. Another option is to check out AirBnB as they offer cheaper accommodations than hotels. 

Another option is to camp. You are usually charged by the plot and not on the number of people staying, so you immediately get out of the single supplement charge that way. Also, you have you can choose to use a tent, which is lightweight and can be carried around with you on your travels.

Another option is to camp with an RV. This gives you the freedom to move where you want and skip the single supplement payment for accommodation. RVs come in all different shapes and sizes too. For example you can get small retro vans or larger RVs like the Georgetown 3 Series, which has a bunkhouse! This means that you have the option of joining up with fellow travelers and splitting the cost as you explore if you would like.

Staying in Communication


Another issue for women traveling alone is that their friends and family back home can get pretty worried if they haven’t heard from them in a while. While it’s not always possible to stay in constant contact in every place in the world, the internet does make it a lot easier.

Download a messaging app like Whatsapp or Kik. This will allow you to quickly get hold of people as soon as you come into contact with public wifi. Then you can just shoot them a quick message letting the know you have arrived safely and where you will be for the next few days in case of emergencies. Check out my other post on 11 travel apps you NEED



Of course, safety is always a major concern when traveling alone. But you shouldn’t allow your safety concerns to turn into irrational fear and stop you doing things. It’s a good idea to research the location that you are visiting thoroughly before you get there, so you know what to expect.

Common sense rules should still apply, like not being out in rough areas, alone at night. Also, you should always check your government’s safety warnings before making your trip.








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