Demons Are A Ghoul’s Best Friend: Hosting A Halloween Night In

Halloween is right around the corner. Every year I used to always go to crazy halloween parties at the clubs but now a days I prefer to get a group of friends together and celebrate over some good booze and food. Besides, Halloween falls on a Monday this year. Chances are you don’t want a wild one, because you probably have work the next morning. I personally love throwing a theme event because doing arts and crafts are the best part of the decor! Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Buy A Ouija Board

The Ouija Board. The basis of endless horror movies and gut-wrenching tales. The suggestion of using one strikes fear into the heart of most. But a brave few still go ahead and try it out. I am not one of those people. What better time to give it a go than on Halloween with your best friends?

How To Use The Ouija Board

So, you fancy contacting the dead in the spiritual realm? Well, you’re braver than us. But we’ll give you a quick run through on the basics of Ouija board use. It’s important to know how to use a ouija board correctly if you want the best results. In the top left of the board is the word “yes”. In the top right is the word “no”. Underneath are two semicircles which consist of all of the letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order. Below that is a straight line of numbers. At the very bottom of the board is “good bye”. To use the ouija board gather three to five people who want to participate. Assign roles to the participants.

  • The Leader. The leader will touch the planchette and lead the communication.
  • The Note Taker. This person will not touch the board, but will decipher what the Spirit is saying and make notes.
  • The Energisers. These people will not speak. They will simply touch the planchette. They will lend energy to the Spirit to be able to move the planchette.

Make sure you are in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. Be seated at a table with the ouija board in the middle. This will ensure that you are comfortable and your arms won’t be at awkward angles. Begin asking questions. The planchette should start to move as soon as you have connected with an energy.

*Important Rules*

Always remember to say goodbye to the Spirit. This will close off spiritual access and will prevent negative spirits from entering your home. If the Spirit becomes threatening, spelling out aggressive words or swearing, cut it off. Move the planchette to “good bye” and leave the board. It’s easier to cut off sooner than later.

Never ask something that you don’t want to know an answer to. It’s tempting to ask the Spirit world when you are going to die, how you are going to do, or other similar questions. If this information is going to traumatize you or dramatically affect you, it’s better to leave it unasked. You might not like what you hear and there’s no taking that kind of thing back.

Bone Appetite

You’re bound to get hungry through the night. Halloween offers up the best occasion for themed snacks. You can really get creative with finger foods and small bites to eat. There are thousands of ideas out there on pinterest. From what can quite literally be described as a finger food, to cute pumpkin rice krispie treats and voodoo style gingerbread men. Here are some of my favorite easy DIY snacks to try this halloween:

Halloween Pretzels
Rice Krispies Monster Treats
Mummy Wrapped Hotdogs
Graveyard Taco Dip
Pumpkin Patch Brownies

The options are endless and the majority of recipes are relatively easy to follow. Your guests will be goblin them up in next to no time.


Why not try your hand at palm reading, tarot or reading tea leaves. These spooky activities can predict the future if you have a special talent for it. Whether you discover that you’re a fully fledged clairvoyant or it all goes a little wrong, it’ll be fun regardless.


Tarot cards can be purchased from any local spiritual shop. They will come in a deck, adorned with pictures. Much like common playing cards. However, there’s a little more to them. They are essentially all of the aspects of life that you can experience. The tarot reading is essentially a map of where your life is going to lead you. For further instructions, check out this handy instruction site.

Palm Reading

Palm reading has a rich and interesting history. It is essentially the practice of predicting events in a person’s future by interpreting the lines on the palm of their hands. Many of us have similar lines, so the meaning of the lines are interpreted by their length, depth and breaks. They are supposed to be able to tell certain personality attributes, as well as the length of time that you will live and the number of children that you will have.

90’s Movie Mummythons

Another favorite thing to do is watching a collection of 90s scary movies, because who doesn’t love the 90s? Here’s my top 3 favorite scary movies to play during halloween:


Classic Scream. I wouldn’t be scared with this movie now, but I remember when I was younger this was too scary for my liking. Although this was a movie that was released in the 90s, the mask is still popular during halloween. And right now Netflix does have a Scream TV series that I actually don’t mind watching.  You should definitely check it out if you’re a fan of this type of movie.

The Silence of the Lambs

One of my favorite movies, great casting and I absolutely love the song, Goodbye Horses. I remember watching it the first time as a kid and not understanding what this movie was about – rewatching it when I was older, I can’t help but love the story. I wouldn’t say it’s scary to the point of jumping in your seat, but mind you it is a psychology thriller film and Buffalo Bill is based on 3 serial killers. As a criminology major, this is an automatic +1 brownie points on my scale.

The Craft

This movie would probably be one of my favorite chick flick movies, I used to watch it on repeat when I was younger because I personally thought it was cool to change your eye color and hair color. Cause what teenage girl didn’t wanna have that ability?




So what are your plans for halloween this year?






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    This sounds like a spooktacular way to celebrate Halloween with your besties!

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    I love these ideas! Time for me to plan a party!

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    These are such fun ideas for a night in!

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    This is so fun! My girlfriends and I are doing a stay in Halloween party and I’m going to send them all of these ideas! Thank you for sharing!

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    These are all great ideas and now I’m even more excited for Halloween!

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    You’ve got a ton of good ideas! Getting us in the spirit!

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    How cute! These are such great ideas!

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    Sounds like a fun, creepy, and festive night in!!

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    I love spooky movies!!

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    So many good ideas!

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    I love everyrhing about this post! I just love Halloween. Your section headers are classic!

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    These are such great ideas! And no halloween celebration would be complete without watching The Craft!

    October 17, 2016 at 5:42 AM
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    I can’t wait for our Halloween party! loved these ideas 🙂

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    The Craft & Scream are some of my favorite scary movies! I love hosting parties and this sounds like so much fun!

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    This is such an awesome post! You came up with so many great ideas! Love it!

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    I hate scary movies 😂😭

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    I’ve always wanted to get my palm read!!!

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    So many fun ideas!!

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