5 Best Things About Semarang


Semarang lies towards the north coast of Java, Indonesia and is the largest city of Central Java. It enjoys a tropical rainforest climate, and the city is known for distinctly wetter and drier months. It is well famous as the tourist city and known for its several interesting sights. Log on to to learn about some interesting holiday and deals and packages in Semarang. Stay at any of the top resorts and hotels and Star Hotel Semarang makes for a good choice for its amazing amenities and services. Also, don’t forget to check out my post about travel apps to download if you’re not already familiar with Indonesia.

Read on to learn what is it about Semarang that makes it simply the best place to holiday at!

Great food in Huge amounts

Indonesia is known for endless options in great food. And we all know how much I love food. There has been good reviews on the Rabbit Sate, which is rabbit meat on skewers and is served with a peanut sauce but I personally cannot eat rabbit as I own a Lop Bunny myself, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out! Enjoy deep fried banana and cassava and do not miss to try out the signature dish of Semarang, Loenpia, which is a mixture of a prawn with bamboo. It goes without question that Indonesia is the place for streetside foods and with my own personal experience, I prefer streetside food the best as I find it to be the most authentic!

Temples in Indonesia


Get a motorbike to explore the region and Gedung Songo Temples scattered around a mountain. One can see different volcanoes in the distance. It is better to take horse and guide to take you around. Enjoy the nature and some stunning views. Do make a visit to the Sam Poo Kong Temple to experience the Chinese history in Indonesia. This is a place where you will find Buddhists, Taoists, and Muslims coming together for their worries and prayers. Note the triple-layered pagoda roof on the bright red temple.

Kampoeng Lele Park

One of the major tourist attractions in Semarang is the Kampoeng Lele Park which is ideal for a family vacation. There are plenty of facilities for family recreation in the area of more than 2 hectares. Go to the Kampoeng facilities owned park that boasts of children’s playground, artificial lake, a small zoo and a catfish swimming pool.

Awesome beaches


Marina Beach and Tirang beach are the most well-known among the locals and the tourists. Enjoy jogging activities on the Marina Beach that is located in a residential facility and offers speed boating, water skiing, and a swimming pool. You will love the clean and blue Tirang beach which is just about five km from the Marina Beach. Relax on the beaches, go swimming or cycling around the area.

The Amazing Waterfalls

Semarang is blessed with bountiful nature and its waterfalls are not to be missed. Go see Benowo waterfall, which is a favorite for nature lovers and is located in Mount Ungaran. However, be wary if you have children with you, as the trip to the waterfall is quite difficult and tiring. Kali Pancur Waterfall is another popular tourist attractions in Semarang’s and is situated in the village of Nogosaren. The waterfall, at the height of about 150 meters is adorned with green trees and natural stones around.



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