A Quick Guide To Picking The Best Swimsuit

Swimsuit shopping may or may not be your favorite thing to do and just because it’s fall, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about wearing swimsuits again until summer rolls around. Swimming is one of the best ways to keep fit and happy in winter – almost every town has a heated indoor swimming pool so it’s easily accessible and you can do it any time of day you want. It’s one of the best forms of exercise because it’s a great cardio workout that takes it easy on your joints and muscles. Invest in some underwater headphones and immerse yourself into the world of swimming. If you’re like me who has colored or bleached hair, remember to always put your locks safely in a swimming cap! But before that, you need to pick out the perfect bathing suit…

What Would You Like To Disguise?

Think about what parts of your body that you’d most like to disguise, and pick a suit based on that. If you’ve got a big bust, remember that support is crucial for you to feel confident – a string bikini probably isn’t for you. If you don’t like your stomach, you could pick out a vintage-style high-waisted bikini, or a swimsuit with a hidden control panel. I personally always try to hide my stomach, probably the most thing I’m self conscious about so I go for one pieces that scrunch up on the side to give that effect or go for patterns. If I end up choosing a bikini, I have to make sure it doesn’t hang too low that you can easily see my gut especially after a few beers on the beach.

What Would You Like To Accentuate?

Maybe you’ve spent time getting your washboard abs back after having a baby, or you were blessed with a great bottom – if so, there are bathing suits out there that will show off your favourite body parts. If you love your stomach, pick out a bikini with low-rise bottoms to show it off, and if you want to show off your pert bottom (and make your legs look longer!), bikini bottoms with high-cut legs will do the job for you. Being more on the meaty side (as I would like to call it), I love showing my curves and I believe women shouldn’t be afraid to show this off! Most of the time, I do end up wearing a one piece because it’s tight enough to cover what needs to be covered but also allows to highlight my curves in the right places. Of course not all one pieces can do that for you – I could never wear the ones with a lot of fancy holes around them (as much as I would love to…) so it’s always about picking the right one for your body.

What Colors Should You Pick?

If you want to wear your winter fitness bathing suit to the beach next summer, you need to focus on the look of it as well as the cut. Pick out a bikini with pretty patterns and colors – jewel tones are universally flattering and make it easy to make the transition from pool to beach. Figure out if your skin has warm or cool undertones. If your skin is warm toned, it’ll have peachy, golden undertones, but if it’s cool toned, it’ll be more pink and bluish. Colors that suit warm skin tones include yellow, red, orange and gold, but if you’re more cool toned, go for blue, pink, purple and silver.

How Should You Pick Your Bathing Suit Out?

First of all, remember not to get disheartened. Spending a day in fitting rooms trying on swimsuits isn’t great for anyone’s self esteem, no matter what your body looks like. You can order swimsuits online to try them on in the privacy (and more flattering lighting) of your bedroom. If you’d rather brave the shops, make sure you’re feeling your best. Exfoliate and moisturize beforehand, and remove any stray hairs you aren’t comfortable with. If you want to, apply a thin layer of fake tan the night before so your skin has a golden glow. For hygiene purposes, remember to wear underwear, and make sure you move around in the fitting room – if there’s enough space, do a couple of star jumps to make sure everything stays in place. The worst thing you can do is buy a swimsuit and realize your goodies can easily pop out with a small arm movement.

Most of all, remember that no one will be judging you at your local pool. Even if you don’t feel confident, swimming will help make your body strong and lean, and you’ll see the results of regular swimming quickly.

A Quick Guide to Picking The Best Swimsuit -

Good luck, and remember to look forward to wearing your new bikini on the beach when warmer weather comes around! Share with me your favourite go to suits or a favorite place to buy them!


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