A Winter Vacation Could Bring The Sunshine Back Into Your Life

Planning a holiday for winter is always a fantastic idea. When the cold weather sets in, it’s reassuring to know you’ll be jetting off to sunnier shores. Winter holidays are also a lot cheaper! Not to mention the fact that there’s unlikely to be so many people at your destination. There’ll definitely be fewer children! With your holiday approaching, you’ll want to start preparing. Taking time to prepare will help you get back into that summer mindset. Put the jumpers away and start thinking towards those scorching hot days on the beach! Here are some things you won’t want to forget before you go.

Sort Your Tan

With the sun long gone, your skin is going to be white as snow. To avoid the glare of your skin blinding people, start tanning before you go. There are many tanning products available. From tinted moisturizers, to the full blown self-tan kits. Why not learn how to spray tan for healthy skin? Whatever you do, get that sun-kissed look before you go. Self-tanning is an excellent way to get yourself in that sunshine frame of mind. It’s also an excellent way to help you fit in once you reach your destination. Don’t become the white skinned tourist!

Sort Your Wardrobe

A lot of your summer clothes are probably packed away to make room for those winter jumpers. Stock up on a few summer essentials to take with you. Bear in mind that most shops won’t be stocking bikinis or beachwear by now. Leave yourself plenty of time to order online. Shop around and find the best deals. Bikinis should be much cheaper now! Look in the sale section of your favorite websites. You’re sure to find some bargains there.

Plan Your Itinerary 

There’s nothing like planning your holiday itinerary to get you in the vacation mood. Take the time to set out exactly what you intend to do while you’re away. This will familiarize you with where you’ll be staying, and get you into that sunshine mind set. Taking this time before you go will also allow for a more enjoyable vacation. You won’t need to worry about planning things once you’re there. Giving your time away shape before you go saves you wasting time once you’re there. Booking activities in advance is also an excellent way to save a bit of money!


Don’t leave your packing until the last minute. Leaving plenty of time to pack will save you a horrible last minute rush. Bear in mind while you’re packing that there are strict regulations on baggage allowance. Only take what you need. Sometimes I throw in a bunch of clothes on the side and slowly put clothes back in my closet as the time goes on. It helps sort out my mind and pack wisely. It’s also worth checking what’s available at your hotel at this stage. A lot of hotels offer towels and hair dryers, so you can leave those behind! Depending where you go, you can buy other supplies while you’re there. Shampoo and conditioner are available in most places, so don’t pack them. Unless you need a certain type of shampoo and conditioner (like me), I tend to purchase a smaller bottle that I can easily travel with. Don’t get too close to the allowance either. You’re going to want to buy things while you’re away, right?

Traveling will always be my go to no matter what the season it is. Winter however, I find is always the best time to go, but with the holidays coming up you also don’t want to overspend. So make sure you prioritize where your money should be going and if you have the funds for that quick get-away… book that flight! Don’t forget to download these traveling apps as they could also help you in the long run.










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