So What Do Women Really Want?

If you find that you’re constantly losing the dating game, you might wonder if there’s something you’re missing. Well unfortunately, there probably is. You’re looking at guys that are less attractive than you and not as kind, wondering why they were picked over you. It’s time to cheer up because it’s nothing that you can change. It’s all to do with how we’ve evolved and the little desires that were left over at the back of the mind. On this post you’ll discover what women really want and why you naturally might be coming off short.

Damn Check Out Those Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows have been positively correlated to high fertility rates in both men and women. One of the primary instincts for humans is to find a mate to continue their family line. I know it doesn’t always feel like that, but it’s one of the reasons for your sex drive. Subconsciously that desire is there and guess what? Subconsciously we’re aware of the features that mean a higher level of fertility and we’re attracted to them. So if you have thick eyebrows, you’re already off to a winning start when you hit the club. It might also be the reason why girls have started to draw thick eyebrows on but don’t ask us to confirm that. But keep in mind, your brows might be thick but make sure you still maintain them.

Protect Me I’m A Damsel In Distress

You may think that with the increased focus on feminism lately the idea girls need men for protection has died and disappeared. Interestingly though, Dwayne ‘The Johnson’ was named sexiest man of the year in 2016. So, what can we take away from this, bald is beautiful? More that if you have enough muscle, women don’t care if you’re bald. Girls still like their men big and strong and again it’s an instinctive attraction. In the past women would be looking for a man that could protect them in a savage world. Although society has changed those instincts are still there and are undeniable.

Rugged And Rough

Here’s another celebrity fact. It’s been widely reported that Patrick Dempsey aka Mcdreamy had plastic surgery to change his face. The surgery wasn’t to make him look more handsome but rather more rugged and less perfect. His nose was allegedly made bigger and a little less. Straight. This is the look that won him the part of Derek Shepherd and earned him the title of TV’s sexiest doctor. Grey’s Anatomy also frequently showed him out in the woods, hunting, and gathering. He was a typical man’s man and female fans immediately fell in love. So if you want to win a ladies heart, maybe you should stop being nice and start learning how to hunt. Buy the best crossbow on the market and learn to be a real man out in the wilderness.

She Wants A Bad Boy

Why do girls like them bad? There’s another instinctive reason for this. Girls have a natural instinct to nurture because from a young age their bodies and minds are preparing for motherhood. This is why they love the bad boy. They think they can look after them and change them into a better person. The good news is that most grow out of this absurd fantasy. But, not before they’ve had a few relationships with the wrong men.

So What Do Women Really Want? | Confessions of a Scorpio


Obviously, these traits won’t be appealing to all women, we’re all different. However, you can’t deny evolution. These are the laws of attraction that existed thousands of years ago and still exist today.









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