Say Goodbye To Cellulite With These Tips

Cellulite: a woman’s worst enemy. It seems that in 2016, we have finally come to a point where women are not being constantly pressured about their weight. There’s still a lot of ‘fat shaming‘ that goes on from trolls with nothing better to do, and most of us would admit that we wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds here and there. But overall, the message of body positivity continues to be shouted loud and clear.

If you are happy with your current weight, there are ways you can enhance your natural body that don’t involve slimming down – so you can look and feel gorgeous in your own skin. A common complaint among women is the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

These are both things that affect nearly every grown woman, regardless of weight – yep, even skinny girls get cellulite! But if you would like to minimize the appearance of yours and get smooth glowing skin, take a moment to read the following tips.

*Some of the products in this post have been generously offered to Confessions of a Scorpio however, all opinions and product reviews are 100% honest and of my own. I do not offer payment for false product reviews. *

Changing your diet

Many people are surprised at how closely linked our diet is to the appearance of cellulite. If we eat a very high fat, unhealthy diet, we are going to suffer from cellulite much quicker than a typically healthy person. But once cellulite has set in (as it does for all of us at some point) what can we do diet-wise to help?

Drinking green tea is said to be one thing, as its detoxifying properties are said to prevent the absorption of fat into the skin. Oranges are high in vitamin C and also includes a compound which helps to improve circulation. Most importantly, drinking lots of water can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Tea is also a great alternative for anyone who suffers from anxiety (such as myself) so I recently picked up Happy Body Tea to not only help with boosting my energy in the morning but to also help detox my body while burning fat. 

Say Goodbye To Cellulite With These Tips | Confessions of a Scorpio

Skin tightening treatments

Cellulite is a very pesky thing to try and shift. This is because once the deposits of fat that cause cellulite are under your skin, it is very hard to completely get rid of them. Instead, cellulite requires consistent upkeep to keep it from not looking too obvious. The most common and simplest way to get rid of this is to simply work out. You can easily work out at home or at the gym. There are plenty available youtube videos if you need an “instructor” to help you gain on the right path.

For women who don’t always have the time to work out, regular non-invasive treatments such as smoothshapes cellulite treatment can help to keep their cellulite at bay. These types of treatments involve using laser technology to specifically target the fatty deposits which cause the appearance of cellulite. The technology is designed to break down the membrane of the fat cells, thus making them much easier to shrink. For optimum results, it is recommended that these treatments are carried out every few weeks.

Body brushing and self-tan

Most of us have seen body brushes in drugstores, but few of us know how to use them correctly. Rather than using body brushes in the shower, they should be used before a shower, on dry skin. Brushing in one direction on cellulite affected areas is said to promote circulation, which helps to minimize the appearance of any lumps and bumps.

Fake tanning is also a cheap and popular solution to aid the reduction of any marks, bumps or scrapes on the skin. It can help give you a much evener skin tone, and if you are already pale, having a bit of a tan can help you feel much more confident. But remember to always wear sun screen or any skin protection if you are planning on tanning!

At the end of the day, you want to be able to embrace your appearance with or without cellulite. Being a woman myself, I completely understand the pressures of trying to look a certain way or what society deems as beautiful. However, don’t ever let that discourage you and how you want to feel about yourself. Yes, there are always options to help eliminate flaws but no matter what – you should always believe that you’re beautiful inside and out!



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