Glenny Mcfatty: Three Amazing Dishes Using Grass Fed Tallow (Paleo)

Tallow, or rendered animal fat, is the talk of the dinner table once again thanks to a rise in tallow products, dedicated paleo diet followers and those embracing the retro aspect of cooking. Long before commercial butter, spreads, and oil sprays there was only one option! Make your own fat out of pork, beef and even duck. The process is messy, time-consuming and not exactly pleasant but the results are worth it as food appears richer, meatier and tastier.

Fancy seeing what tallow can do for your food? Why not try one of these three tallow friendly recipes that’ll have you wondering why you haven’t tried it before. Don’t worry before you go off looking for a cow; you can now buy it online, or in supermarkets, so you can skip the manufacturing part unless you want to!

Cajun Burgers And Caramelised Onions

This sweet, spicy and oh so satisfying dish is for beef lovers everywhere who’ll be thrilled at the extra beefy flavor that a good dollop of grass fed tallow adds! Firstly, take your tallow, two tablespoons should be plenty, and pop it in a skillet on medium heat. Slice your onions, use red onion for extra color, and season before caramelizing for about thirty minutes. Take your pound of ground beef and create burger patties before combining your cajun spices together in a bowl and then season the burgers generously. Grill your burgers on high for five minutes each side then set aside to rest, before popping some spinach, tallow and salt into a pan,  sautéing the spinach for two minutes then serving with the spiced burger and soft, sweet onions.

Pan Fried Spicy Tomatoes And Veggies

This healthy recipe turns a simple tomato dish into an exciting, spicy side as your tallow helps to give it an extra kick of full on flavor. Add tabasco, water and egg in a bowl then take some flour, salt, and pepper to create a thin coating for your veg. Heat up around half a cup of tallow making sure it’s nice and hot, around 350F, before dipping your veg in the Tabasco mixture and then into the flour coating. Fry them for three to five minutes each, or until the veg turns golden, then remove from the heat, pat the excess off with a paper towel and serve with some fried chicken, pork steaks or even a veggie tart.

Mini Crab Fish Cakes

In a small bowl mix your egg yolk, seasoning, mustard, parsley and mayo until nice and smooth. Add some breadcrumbs, you could use panko breadcrumbs, and stir in the chopped flaky fish. Use your hands to shape the mixture into little balls, pop onto a baking tray and then leave them in the fridge to harden slightly for around five, to ten minutes. Remove from the fridge, fetch a large frying pan and pop a tablespoon of tallow into the pan. Cook for around seven minutes, or until golden brown then flip them over and cook on other side before serving with a herby tartar sauce or a cool, cucumber tzatziki dip.

For more information regarding Tallow Benefits & Paelo here are some bloggers who openly discuss the benefits of Tallow.


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