3 Beauty Nightmares That We’ve All Done + Simple Solutions

If you believe magazine style sections, then we always make beauty decisions with the right frame of mind.  We take care of ourselves. We never forget to moisturise. We are waxed, prepped, plucked and preened at all times. We don’t cut our cuticles or make any other bad decision. We’ve got this. But… it’s not quite true is it?

We all have those moments when we decide to make what we know, on some level, is a very bad decision. Then we have to deal with the aftermath.

So no judgement here: let’s accept we’re all human and prone to the occasional ridiculous mistake. What we need to focus right now is the aftermath and how you cope with the decision you made – turn the frown upside down, swear never to do it again, and fix the issue. It is possible!

Cutting your own hair

The moment of temptation was too great. Maybe your hair was annoying you; your split ends needed taming or you became convinced by one of the YouTube videos insisting it’s possible to cut your own hair.

The problem with this one is that you never know where to stop. With the first cut, you’re cautious. The clink of the scissors makes you panic, and you snip off a millimetre at the time, constantly scrutinizing the mirror to see what you’ve done. Then, it looks okay! You cut your hair, and it’s not a disaster!

So the overconfidence sets in. You cut more. And more. Then the disaster hits.

You cut too much or in the wrong way, and your hair now resembles a mullet – and a misshapen mullet at that.

So how do you fix it?

It’s embarrassing to have to go to a hairdresser and admit you cut your own hair. You know they’re going to judge you, with their clever fingers and perfect angles. But it’s the only option unless you want to consign yourself to an up-do for the next six months.

Hair grows slowly, so you’ve no choice. If it helps, go to a hairdresser you don’t know so you don’t have to explain yourself: find someone new, read this to ensure you’re getting the right price and then go and make your confession.

Alternatively… wear a hat. Lots of hats. Or even beanies. Become The Woman Who Wears A Lot of Hats.

Cutting your own cuticles

This was mentioned in the intro and for a good reason – it’s a mistake way too many women are still making.

There’s no argument that overgrown cuticles make your nails look messy and ruin even the best of manicures. Some professionals even trim cuticles, even though this is a truly terrible idea. So you might think it’s harmless, nip your cuticles off and then be faced with the reality.

So what’s the solution?

The first thing you have to do is protect yourself. Your cuticles guard against infection, so when you cut them, you expose yourself to serious problems. You need to wear gloves whenever you come into contact with anything dirty; at the very least, a Band-Aid should be wrapped over as protection.

You then need to moisturize on a daily basis, stimulating blood flow to the cuticle to help it regrow. Stay away from nail polish until you’ve got some growth returning – chances are it will sting if you use it anyway.

Then never, ever do it again! If you decide to do nothing, you can risk getting an infection and then losing your finger. Just saying

Dying your own hair

There’s nothing wrong with at-home hair colorants, especially those that are ammonia-free. Many women use them with no issues at all, saving themselves a fortune in the process. Hecks, I’ve even done it myself a few times but realized later on that it was harder to bleach my hair on my own especially having natural black hair.

The problems tend to come when you don’t follow the instructions properly. Leave a dye on too long, and your colour result is going to be shocking, or you may have picked a shade that looks nothing like the box colour once its on your hair.

What’s the fix?

You can remove hair dye with special chemicals, though your hair won’t thank you for it. It should ideally be done professionally, though you can do it at home – just be aware you will need to go heavy on the conditioner for a few weeks.

Wouldn’t you look great as a brunette? Now might be the time to find out! A simple box of deep, chocolate-coloured hair dye can fix a multitude of woes. Just make sure you do a patch-test first: the chemical in dyes most people are allergic to is found most prevalently in dark colours.

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