How To Create a Memorable Honeymoon Trip

In the past, I’ve written a few posts about relationships. I’ve talked about whether you’re ready for the big commitment to how to plan a fantastic bridal shower to taking adventitious trips. But what if we can combine adventure into your honeymoon?

The honeymoon is a celebration as your first time together as a married couple. It’s a chance to escape the stresses of life, head off to an exotic location and enjoy each other’s company. It will also give you a lovely memory to treasure when just weeks after the wedding you’re arguing about the toilet seat, the toothbrush or the washing up.

That’s why you want to make sure your honeymoon is without a hitch. Unfortunately, there are a few incidences that can occur to stop you from enjoying an adventure with your forever plus 1.

Unpredictable Bathroom Breaks

These aren’t the best words to hear on your first evening together away in a beautiful location. Unfortunately, tropical locations often mean tropical food and menus. There’s two problems with this. First, you might find that your body simply doesn’t like the rather abrupt change to the diet and reacts in a violent way. Basically, it gets rid of the food as quickly as possible with very little thought to keeping things romantic. Or, secondly, you’re incredibly unlucky and actually eat at a restaurant that gives you food poisoning.

There’s usually two ways to handle this issue. First, test your body with some of the local cuisines of the area before traveling there. That way you’ll know what you can and can’t eat. Then, check some reviews for local restaurants online. Do that, and you should have no trouble dodging this particularly nasty bullet.

Cut Expenses in your wedding and put it towards your trip

You might find that you blow through all the money for the honeymoon on your wedding. It’s a disastrous situation where you can end up camping near an insect infested swamp rather than lounging on a beach in Hawaii.

The trick here is smart budgeting.

Make sure you’re not wasting money on things for your wedding that you’re not going to really care about, enjoy or appreciate. Some good advice is to cut costs on the wedding itself. That doesn’t mean you’re going to have simple, ugly wedding – it just means that you can find alternatives to certain things such as decor. Try renting or doing DIY decor instead of purchasing it for x-amount for a one night use. 

Create yourself a wedding board via Pinterest and prepare ahead of time of how you want you plan on creating your DIY decor. Etsy is a great place to purchase home made decor if you have no idea how to create it yourself, where as Amazon has an amazing collection of cheap art & crafts supplies. Trust me, as a member of many weddings – all that people care for is good food, good booze and a good location

Aunt Flo

For women, having a visit from Aunt Flo can ruin any adventure you hope to have. As a newly married couple it can make consummating the relationship unpleasant if not entirely impossible. This visit can also ruin your enjoyment while you’re out on an adventure making it hard to truly ensure your honeymoon is remarkable. You can do your best to plan your honeymoon to avoid the time of the month. But you might find it appears earlier than usual leaving you with a few days where you don’t feel like being romantic.

Luckily, you can get tablets to delay your period. These tablets can be purchased online and work like a dream. Make sure you take them before you travel and you can put off the visit from your aunt flo until you get back.

Relax and Have Fun

Most of the time, whether it’s a honeymoon or a quick get-away can be difficult to try to fit everything you want to do in one trip. But remember to space out your time during your trip, you don’t necessary need to do everything in a short amount of time. As much as anyone would want to, create a itinerary to help plan out your trip but remember to squeeze in some breathing room. Otherwise, you’ll find it very stressful with no time to relax.

You’ll be skydiving one minute and hopping into a hot air balloon the next. Everyday doesn’t need to be filled with activities. Sometimes it’s nice just to relax on a beach with the one you’ve chosen to love forever.


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