Why The Caribbean Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Every time I think of the Caribbean I immediately think of the all famous Disney movie series. But I’m not here to discuss pirates but I am here to talk about the treasure that mother nature has to offer.  

Ever see those Instagram pictures of beaches that look like they’re out of this world? White sand, palm trees, turquoise water that stretches out for miles… it almost looks like it can’t be real. It may surprise you that these places do in fact exist and that a lot of these photos are actually taken in the Caribbean. Surprisingly a lot of people don’t actually know what the Caribbean is.

The Caribbean is a group of island nations – 28 to be exact – situated in the Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Mexico, Venezuela, and Florida.

Looking for a romantic getaway for you and your partner? Or even just want to go for a quick get away with your girlfriends? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Saint Lucia

Seconds after you set foot in St Lucia you will easily be able to see just why it is one of the world’s top gorgeous destinations. Stunning landscapes surround this beautiful island; including the iconic twin peaks of the Piton Mountains which soar high on the southwest coast.

Saint Lucia – Smugglers Cove Beach Photo credit: derekskey via Visualhunt / CC BY

This small island features one main highway that travels in a loop. So if you and your partner fancy doing your best Bonnie & Clyde, a road trip is one of the best and most nostalgic ways to see the sights. Or you can take a girls day out and just cruise and have fun. It takes about four hours to drive the loop in its entirety, so you will want to stop off for rests frequently or attempt the trip over a course of a few days.

With that in mind, you’ll need somewhere relaxing to lay your head. You can find villa rentals all over the island that are perfect for some quality time or for the perfect photo op!


One of St Lucia’s many neighbors, the island of Barbados also has much to offer anyone looking for a beautiful getaway. It may be known as one of the more lively islands in the Caribbean, famous for its raucous festivals and passionate celebrations of culture.

While you are there, it is definitely worth getting involved in some of these if you can, but there are also plenty of amazing activities you can take part in too.

Photo credit: Ben124. via VisualHunt / CC BY

Barbados has some of the world’s most beautiful gardens, so consider taking a stroll to admire the flora and fauna before going for dinner at one of the island’s many rooftop bars.

Stephanie from has posted some amazing topics on what to do in Barbados and her experiences. My all time favorite is the experience as the beach, cause we all know how much I love to be by the water.


Dominica is another Caribbean island that boasts a pretty jaw-dropping landscape.

Photo credit: mripp via Visualhunt / CC BY

Okay, so hiking doesn’t sound all too relaxing BUT you’d be a fool to miss some of the sights that the huge mountain ranges and tropical rainforests have to offer. Plus, it’s not all about trekking – it’s all about being able to admire beauty in nature besides, you can even refresh yourselves afterward by taking a dip in one of the island’s many natural hot springs.

Also, make sure to visit the UNESCO protected Emerald Pool. If after all that nature you need to take a break, why not make use of one of the island’s many health and wellness centers? Here you can relax with a yoga session before turning in for the night to do it all again tomorrow!

So whether you’re there for a romantic honeymoon or simply going to travel and explore – these three spots in the Caribbeans is differently not something you’d want to miss.


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