Taking A Holiday In Costa Rica For A Reason Other Than Traveling

If you have been bitten by the travel bug, you will know that it is nearly impossible to stop enjoying travel.

Everywhere you go opens your eyes to a completely different culture and way of life. You also get to experience different types of cuisines, fashions, and architecture, amongst other things. But what if for your next vacation you want to approach it from a completely different angle?

There’s nothing at all wrong with simply going somewhere to enjoy yourself and experience the country. After all, that’s always what holidays have been about. But if you just feel as though you are yearning for a new experience, you might want to consider doing your next vacation a little differently.

If you are looking for somewhere that will enable you to have a holiday with a difference, Costa Rica could well be on the cards.

The Photography Trip

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a blogger or just a little snap happy, centering your vacation around photography can help you to see your destination in a completely different light. It might seem like a hassle at first, especially if photography is already your full-time job. But taking some time out to get some really beautiful photographs can help to remind you why you fell in love with picture taking and travel as well.

Your quest for the perfect shot could take you to places that you never dreamed you would go to. For example, you could end up hiking to a remote mountain in one of Costa Rica’s many stunning national parks, all to get that perfect shot.

This beautiful country is also home to an abundance of dreamy beaches and nature drenched rainforests home to all sorts of flora and fauna. Make sure you take a spare charger with you – you’re going to need it!


Okay, so this one isn’t so much a vacation.

But, offering to volunteer in Costa Rica can mean that you get to see a lot of the country whilst also doing something good. Due to the fact that you can stay for quite a long time when you are volunteering, you may also find that you end up ‘living like a local‘ – not something a regular vacation can give you.

You can choose a program tailored to your own tastes. So, whether you want to work with animals, teach English or build houses, there will be a volunteering project for you.

Yoga retreat

Part of the beauty of yoga, of course, is that you can do it anywhere. But wouldn’t it be nicer to do it on a mountain top in Costa Rica rather than on the floor in your bedroom at home?

There is a selection of yoga and nature retreats in Costa Rica for you to choose from. Some are secluded in the rainforests and mountains, others are more easily accessible – it completely depends on what suits you the best. Many include modern yoga studios and beautiful eco-friendly lodges for you to stay in, so privacy is never a problem.

Have you done any trips that actually wasn’t just to travel?

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