5 Amazing American States to Help You Brighten Up Those Winter Blues

Are you in need of a well deserved holiday?

Maybe a weekend away is on the cards to get escape from those never ending January blues?

Many American states are ideal for a winter trip. Whether you’re after fun in the sun or a weekend of snow, there’s a state that promises to suit your needs. Plus, you won’t need to deal with those pesky summer crowds! With so many options, it can be hard to know where’s best to start. Here’s a list of some amazing American states for you to fly or even drive off to.


Utah is a fantastic place to visit during the colder months.

What better location than somewhere that once hosted the Winter Olympics?

You could start your trip here with a visit to Utah Olympic Park, where many winter athletes still train. Watch the pros snowboard and ski! Take time, too, to visit the national parks. These are such a draw for visitors in the summer, and look spectacular under a blanket of snow. You’re also sure to be able to enjoy them in peace when visiting at this time of year!

Visit Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, and find yourself nestled among snow-capped mountains. Why not get stuck into a little skiing during your trip? A visit to Park City could find you next to many skiing resorts. Book your accommodation with a company like VRBO Park City and take your pick of skiing locations!


Why not take a trip to Colorado? Aspen, Colorado, nestles among the Elk Mountains. This is another location that offers skiing opportunities galore. Go ahead and get your gear ready!

You could even visit lesser known Pagosa Springs and enjoy the hot springs there. Imagine relaxing in hot springs, with snow all around. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you’re in the mood for something a little more extreme than skiing, head to Ouray. This mountain town is considered the ice climbing capital of the world. Not for the faint hearted, ice climbing is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

If death-defying activities don’t appeal, you could keep your feet on the ground and hire a snowmobile! If you’re visiting in February, your trip wouldn’t be complete with a trip to the gorgeously named Loveland. You could spend a romantic weekend making the most of the activities available.

How does a romantic horseback ride sound?


We’re taking this list in a different direction with mention of Florida.

Known as the sunshine state, this is ideal for those seeking some winter sun! Start your visit with a trip to Orlando. Orlando is pleasantly warm in the winter. It’s not the place to go if you want to see a little snow during your stay. Even so, a winter trip to Orlando has benefits of its own. We all know that Orlando is home to the ever popular Disney Land. Have you ever been during summer? It’s a nightmare! You pay top prices and queue for hours at a time.

A visit here in the winter could be the perfect way to avoid that hassle. Beating crowds is always satisfying. The park is nowhere near as busy during the colder months. The kids are sure to thank you for giving them the run of such a fantastic park! That’s not where the fun stops, either. Florida is home to many amazing attractions. You’ll be able to enjoy them all without worrying about queues.

From Legoland to Kennedy Space Center. Why not take the chance for a little winter camping with a visit to the amazing Florida State Parks? You’ll get the opportunity to enjoy Florida at its best. Not to mention that, again, it’ll be nice and quiet! Don’t forget to spend a little time on the beach during your stay, too. Make the most of those all year round warm temperatures!


Louisiana is another state well worth your time. Namely because of New Orleans!

No list of things to do in New Orleans during winter would be complete without mention of Mardi Gras. This spectacular festival runs during the end of February and will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. Mardi Gras itself usually falls on the end of February, but celebrations start in January. If you want to attend, it’s recommended that you arrive in good time to get involved!

Bear in mind that Mardi Gras is a huge festival, and it’s going to be busy! There are parades galore, as well as various other events in different venues. There’s also sure to be plenty of partying! If Mardi Gras doesn’t appeal, there’s plenty of other things to do! Also keep in mind that it will be hard not to get pulled into the celebrations when visiting during February!


Last on the list we’ve got Nevada. You Guessed it; we’re talking Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a perfect place for a winter destination in many ways. What better place to rid yourself of winter blues than the city that never sleeps? The lights of the Las Vegas strip are so bright you won’t even notice those short days! While you’re not going to be blown away by the weather, you shouldn’t get too cold, either!

Make the most of the mild weather by taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Much like many other locations on this list, it’ll be a lot quieter than it would during prime time! If you don’t fancy facing the slightly cooler temperatures, there’s no reason to go outside at all! With casinos galore, and shopping centers you could get lost in, this is the perfect place to escape!

There you have it. A quick fire guide to the best American states to visit during the colder months. There’s something for everyone. Get sporty, or indulge yourself in sin city. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to return from your trip feeling refreshed! And remember, winter will be over before we know it!




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