Top 3 Things To Do If Your Partner Is In Need Of A Quick Pick Me Up

We should all know by now that relationships aren’t always full of rainbows and sunshine. Even when you and your partner are getting on as well as you possibly can, life finds a way to stick its oar in through the most inconvenient of ways.

But one of the best ways to get over a hump is to find yourself a change of scene. Here are some ways to help alter the mood if either of you is in a need of a quick pick me up

Indulge the senses

Human emotions are a complicated thing. Because they’re going through a tough time doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or wrong for them to smile and even laugh a bit. In fact, it can be very useful to know that emotion is still available in order to help us process trouble more easily.

One of the best ways to get them out of their headspace and into a happy space is by appealing directly to the senses. Indulging them in things as simple as something especially tasty from places like Cedele Bakery Café can immediately whisk them away from a sour mood and into a sensory bliss.

Exploring that inner child

If someone seems to be in danger of succumbing to a funk that is going to last them a long while, then it might be time to offer them a change of scene and perspective. When we deal with a sour mood, we might tend to dwell on the negative experiences a little too much. Responsibilities, stresses, all those terrible adult things.

So, why not help them get away from the adult side of life by bringing out your inner child together? Go somewhere that is exactly the kind of place you would both love as kids, like a fun-packed day at Disneyland.

Or you can get creative and decide on a date night by going to a local Paint Nite outing. A little alcoholic beverage with some painting together might bring you closer than you’d expect.

Not only will it fill them with a nostalgic bliss. When someone is trying to get over a hump, then showing them the bright experiences just over it can help them along.

Get out into nature

If fun and sensory delights aren’t working, maybe you both just need somewhere that you can be alone with nature and your thoughts? We humans have a natural connection to nature. It has its own calming effect on us. That’s why so many people look to nature retreats.

There’s nothing like the calming sound of rushing water, or the taste of the clear air, or the sensation of climbing a rocky trail to help you get away from the oppressive thoughts of a busy life in civilization. National parks are full of places that are both romantic and incredibly relaxing, allowing you to enjoy little but nature and your company. It may not be too late to sign up and get your free 2017 Canadian National Parks pass as it will be free all year.

Treat them nice, make them feel special, and try to make them smile and laugh. But know that no emotional band aid is going to get rid of the core problem.

Make sure they know that you really care and that you’re there to listen and feel with them, not just get over the rocky patch as quickly and conveniently as possible.


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