Tips for Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

Spending ten hours in a stuffy, cramped cabin isn’t most people’s idea of fun, but if you want to travel to exotic, far-flung destinations, it is necessary.

Fortunately, despite what you might think, it is possible to have a refreshing, relaxed long-haul flight. Just take a look at these tips:

Dress Comfortably

The most important you can do to improve the quality of your long-haul flight is to wear a comfy outfit. Instead of dressing up, think comfy sweats, loose cotton shirts and snuggly hoodies.

Remember that planes can get rather cool thanks to the air-con, so try to put together an outfit of layers that you can add to or remove depending on the temperature.

You should also bear in mind that feet are prone to swelling on long flights, so try to wear a pair of shoes that aren’t too tight.

Reserve a Great Seat

Your comfort will also be reliant on your position on the plane. So, be prepared and reserve a comfy seat.

If you want legroom, for example, choose an exit row, or if you want to avoid crying babies and unruly kids, give the front of the plane a miss because this is often where the families with babies are seated on long-haul flights.

If you can afford it, upgrading to first class will give you the most comfortable of all journeys.

Pack Carry On Essentials

O a long-haul flight, you are going to want to pack quite a few essentials to ensure you have as comfortable an experience as possible, which means you’ll need good carry on luggage, examples of which can be found at Dr. Luggage.

As a minimum, you should look to pack a blanket, earplugs and eye mask to help you get a goodnight’s sleep, along with some basic toiletries and an mp3 player or e-reader for entertainment.


Although you will be given meals on your long-haul flight, there is a chance that they will either not be to your tastes, or not served up at the times when you are actually hungry, so to stave off those hunger pangs, it is never a bad idea to pack a few healthy snacks such as nuts, oat bars, chocolate and dried fruit.

Stay Active

It can be tempting to sink into your seat and stay there for the duration of the flight, barring any necessary trips to the bathroom, but getting up and stretching your legs will help to stave off cabin fever and prevent deep vein thrombosis.

As a minimum, you should aim to get up and walk around at least once every couple of hours.

Keep Hydrated

It is very easy to become dehydrated on a long-haul flight, so make sure you take the time to drink water at regular intervals to stay hydrated and  avoid becoming ill, tired and despondent.

If you do all of the above and you go to your flight with a positive attitude, you will find that your long-haul trip goes by in the blink of an eye and you will step off the plane feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for adventure.

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