My Top 3 Go-To Fashion Items

Fashionable items that most of us have to save up to buy, we expect to last us a lifetime (well almost). I’m not the type to call myself a ‘fashionista’ however, I do prefer having my own sense of style.

I enjoy being comfy with a little of my personality showing through my style. As most people know, I love to dress down. I’m not a girly-girl persay- but I do have my moments.

When I’m not busy wearing my marvel tshirts or lounging around in my Jordans, I’ll have times where I’ll feel like taking out heels out for the day (or night) and wearing the dress that I adore.

But there are some items that I absolutely love whether I’m dressed down or dressed glamorous.


Bags are a great investment. The more you spend, the better the quality. First things first, make sure you pick a style that suits you- because there’s a ton out there! One of my favorites is a mini backpack. It used to be the bag of choice for students alone, but now there are smaller sleeker designs for professionals.

Another of my favorites are cross bags. A crossbody bag is the fashionable version of A messenger. Whereas a saddle bag purse is similar to a crossbody bag in that it has one long strap. These bags are usually worn on just one shoulder though and are much smaller than messenger bags. Some are quilted, and most are leather designs.

A clutch is a small bag that can be held in one hand. It’s great for events, or when you’ll only be out for a couple of hours. Sequined clutches and bold colors are particularly popular for evenings out.

Opt for a leather envelope clutch during the day though.


I’ll be honest with you, as much as I love bras and it’s cute designs – I absolutely love bralettes even more. They’re comfy, stylish and who needs underwire anyway? I personally find them to be classy based on the style you go. There are so many different bralettes out there all ranging in different prices.

I personally find them to be classy based on the style you go. There are so many different bralettes out there all ranging in different prices.

However, if you’re a little more of the top heavy side (like I am) I would suggest to invest a little more on the brand to ensure they last and fit properly.


Jewelry is my ultimate go to. Anytime. It’s a popular hand-me-down gift that makes a touching heirloom for the next generation. Just like bags, there are so many types of jewelry to choose from, but when investing you have to think smart.

Probably the most prized jewelry possessions are bridal jewelry. The sentimental value attached to such items makes them great pieces to have. Not only that, but pieces that have a ‘story’ behind them tend to sell better in the future- so your investment will be worth it!

Watches are another great piece of jewelry to invest in. They make great presents for milestone birthday’s and the better quality ones will last you a lifetime. Omega and Rolex are great brands to invest in and are known for their quality and innovative designs.





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