Learn To Travel Without Hurting Your Wallet

Most people believe that you need to earn a lot of income to allow yourself to travel. However, more often than not, people that travel often will set aside money each month specifically to travel. So the myth that needs to get debunked is that you have to be rich to travel as that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some ideas and ways that you can travel, without having to spend a lot of money.

Plan to Self-Cater

When you are away from home, one of the biggest expenses is food.

When you aren’t shopping at your normal stores or don’t have your normal cupboards full of essentials, then the cost of eating out can really add up. But if you think about it, you’d be spending money on groceries if you were at home for the week, right? So why not just spend that amount on groceries when you’re on a trip?

You can self-cater quite easily, depending on the accommodation and the location of choice. The best thing to do is to do a meal plan and shopping list before you go away. Then you know specifically what you need. You can also double up recipes like you might at home, to have the leftovers the next day. Pasta and rice based dishes and pretty inexpensive and have ingredients that are easy to find almost everywhere.

Whenever I end up going to California to visit J, I always end up planning on buying groceries to eat at home. Don’t get me wrong, we still plan on eating out sometimes but there are times where I’d rather make our own breakfast or late night snack.

Being on vacation doesn’t always mean that you have to eat out all of the time!

Eat Local Food

When you are on your trip, think about getting local produce to cook for your meals.

When you choose food that is specific to that locality, it will be much less expensive. For example, chorizo sausage can be fairly expensive to buy in most places. But in a country like Spain, where chorizo originates from, there is a huge variety of it and at completely varying prices. There will be much cheaper options that there would be at home. The same goes for fresh fish or seafood.

If you’re somewhere like the Caribbean, then it will be much cheaper than buying it from a place that has had to import it. If you’re in France make your sandwiches with baguettes and pick up pain au chocolat for breakfast. It will make it much cheaper.

Earn Money For Your Trip While You’re Away

If you don’t work remotely, you can still create a second way of earning income to put aside for your trip. It could be that you get involved in something like network marketing to pay for your trip, or you sell your unwanted things online. Then the money goes directly into a savings account that you will use for travel only. This is certainly a good idea for those people that don’t think they can spare anything else out of their normal monthly income.

Another way to earn points for travel is by getting a credit card that helps you to earn air miles or a points card. Then each time you spend on it, you will accumulate points that can go towards a future flight.

It is a great idea when you are spending the money on things that you would be spending the money on anyway. So put your gas and groceries on the credit card, pay it off each month, and you’ll have lots of air miles building up in no time.

If you’re interested in this kind of thing, then somewhere like Upgraded Points is a great travel resource. You can find out some of the best ways to use a credit card to earn miles that can be redeemed for flights. You’ll be booking your next trip before you know it!

Choose Alternative Accommodation

The rise of sites like Airbnb keeps getting bigger and bigger. And it is easy to see why.

People don’t want to have to spend a lot when they are on a trip. So if they can rent a room or even a whole house for much cheaper than a hotel, then it can make a massive difference to their spending and how much they can travel.

So if you haven’t thought about booking a trip through somewhere like this, then it could be worth looking into. Hostels are often cheaper too, especially if you chose a communal room (though private rooms are available and would be cheaper than a hotel).

Plan a Specific Trip

If you have got a specific trip in mind, then it makes it easier to save for.

If you don’t know how much you need for a trip to Thailand, for example, then it does make it harder to save for. So have a specific goal of a destination in mind.

Choose a time of year and look for how much it might cost to get there. Give yourself a budget for food and a daily spend amount. Then you can be much more specific when you are planning everything. Also, when something is written down, and not just in your head, it is over 80% more likely to happen.

So make a plan, write it down, and then you can focus on ticking it off.

Cut Back Your Everyday Spend

If you find that you are someone that spends a lot of money on unnecessary things, then now could be the time to cut back.

If you spend a lot on birthday gifts, how about halving the cost this year, for example? Then put the other half, what you could have spent, over into a savings account.

If you stop off at a coffee shop every day, then put that $3 or $4 into a savings account. If that is something that you do daily, the amount that you can put aside can really add up, and you’ll have paid for a flight before you know it.




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