How To Spend Your Day In New York

Let’s be honest from the get-go: New York doesn’t need to be sold to anyone. We all know what the city has to offer, what the main landmarks and tourist attractions are. It’s been seen in a thousand TV shows; the central location for even more movies; even serenaded in musical tribute. Along with London and Paris, it’s one of those cities that sells itself through its existence in popular culture.

When it comes to visiting the Big Apple, then, it’s not a question of why you should go. Any questions you do have will be more based around what you want to see, and how you can fit it all in.

If you’re coming to the city that never sleeps, you could spend several weeks wandering around, and still not see everything. It’s therefore important to know what you need to prioritize. How long do you really need to spend in New York if you really want to have the trip of your dreams? That depends on what your dreams are…

New York’s Classic Landmarks

Although NYC itself is large, many of its most iconic spots are located close together. Say, for example, you want to do the tourist thing and see Lady Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center. You can roll out of bed at the Courtyard Marriott Manhattan Times Square West and tick off the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center in under hour (though it’s recommended you give them a bit longer!)

Even leaving Manhattan to see the Statue of Liberty will add 90 minutes at most to your trip. You can do the “big three” in an afternoon easily, provided you base yourself centrally and don’t want to linger for too long.

New York has been home to so many TV shows

As we all know, New York has been infamous of having a lot of your favorite shows shot in New York. Listing them could take a blog post in and of itself. If you want to check out the haunts of your favorite characters, then you’ll need an idea of where you should be heading.

For example, Sex and The City, Gossip Girl and Seinfeld were all based in Manhattan itself. If you loved Ugly Betty, then you’ll need to head to Queens. Meanwhile, fans of Girls and Everybody Hates Chris will need to make Brooklyn their destination – and the same goes for fans of Brooklyn 99. If your square eyes want to take in the lot, then you’ll need at least a week, so a centrally located hostel might be a good budget option.

Take a trip outside of New York

New York city’s attractions are wide and varied, but you may find yourself wanting to escape the stress of the city. If you fancy seeing more of the state, then there’s plenty to explore – but it’s going to mean, if you still want to hit the city sites, that you’re settling in for up to two weeks.

It’s worth remembering that Niagara Falls is on the New York border. It’s a six-hour drive – one way – from the city itself, though using a train could cut that down substantially. If you have got time on your side, then keep it in mind.


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