Uplift Your Spirits By Visiting China

The internet is full of articles which tell us how important it is to become more aware. Yoga and meditation seem to be the order of the day and, they certainly have an abundance of health benefits. With this is mind I thought it was time to show you the most spiritual place on earth and hopefully, inspire you to travel somewhere that will help you find your inner peace and connect with the world again.

China is a land of mystique and wonder, where ancient culture spills over into modern living. There are few places on earth that have the same spiritual energy as this country. When I took a trip to China, I, unfortunately, got sick and wasn’t able to venture into the realms of this magestic country. 

However, whether you have been practicing yoga or learning to meditate or even wanting to just travel and explore the place, I think that China will give you both an incredible trip away and a real awakening which could improve your life back at home and help you achieve a stress free life.  

I have some cool highlights for you but would recommend you speak to a China tours operator to get the best out of this part of Asia. But, here are our must-see places for a little spiritual enlightenment.

Let’s start at Spirits Retreat Temple.

The most famous in South China and inscribed by an emperor. An Indian monk discovered the temple over 1600 years ago; it has a gold gilded Sakyamuni which is the largest sitting Buddha statue in all of China.

The Tiger Spring & Dragon Well was discovered by a monk who got a signal from higher beings that two tigers would be sent to help find a spring.  Incredibly the Tigers came, and so did the spring. Together with Dragon Well Tea, they are known as “Two treasures of West Lake“.

Leifeng Pagoda was built in 977 with many Buddhist sutras carved on its bricks; it is one of the three places in China where Buddha Sakyamuni’s holy relics are stored.

The Pure Kindness Temple is a very well known tourist attraction which was built in 954. This was the founding place of the Japanese School of Buddhism, and many find there is a feeling of pure life radiating from the temple itself.

Baopu Daoist Monastery on Ge Ridge is the renowned Daoist sifu Baopuzi used to distil elixir here. There are still sites where he is said to have refined elixir although you may not be able to get close enough to discover the elixir for yourself! 


Photo credit: Bill Hertha via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

It is said that Yellow Dragon Cave used to be the practice spot of Yellow Dragon Immortal. Now, a culture theme park you will find local opera performed here. The setting is simply beautiful, and regardless of your personal spiritual awareness, you will be moved.  

The West Lake and Song City are two areas that you must visit. The former has been praised by Chinese poets over and over. The latter, a culturally, economically and technologically advanced dynasty.  Song City is a giant Song Culture Theme Park, featuring almost all aspects of the Song society, its people, and lives.

Perhaps one focused tour would be that of Mt. Tiantai. This is the birthplace of Tiantai Buddhism and as such requires a real profound sense of peace and self.


Situated in the depths of Mt Tiantai is the Guoqing Temple. This is the originating place of the Tiantai School of Buddhism. This spread out to Japan and has an enormous following. The temple itself is one thousand years old and has an excelled Qi field.  You should also explore Mt. Tiantai itself which is full of ancient temples and the famous Rocky Waterfall.

If you are looking for Ancient Culture, then the city of Linhai is a perfect place for you.

Here is a beautiful area to learn about meditation. Mt Guachang is one of the prettiest landscape features. Linghai is a cultural city with over 100 years of history.

Photo credit: BlueK9 via / CC BY-NC

The South Great Wall was the base of the Great Wall near Beijing and extends for 6km. Often overlooked by travellers, this is the foundation of one of the most famous world sites.

Another reason to stay in LingHai is the Daoist Immortal Purple Yang Monastery.  

Here Purple Yang penned the book ‘Wu Truth‘ which became a classic. Purple Yang had three disciplines which all brought him trouble. He wrote the book to help future generations. He is believed to have ascended nearby, and locals will take you to this spot where you will discover a strong qi field.

The final area is the Sacred Mt Puto. This is one of China’s four Buddhist holy mountains. It has become a destination of pilgrimage for over 1,000 years. On this island, many temples were dedicated to Quan yin Buddha (also spelled Kwan Yin, Kuanyin; in pinyin, Guanyin). The blending of island scenes and Buddhist culture make Puto into a  “Buddhist Kingdom on Sea“.

Photo credit: Alexander Synaptic via / CC BY-NC

The biggest temple on the St. Mt. Puto, surrounded by a big “let-go pond” in the front is the Puji Temple. However, there are much more dotted around the descent. You will also find the Western Paradise here, which is known for the calligraphy and exotic rocks.  The South Sea Quan yin Statue is a 33-meter-high gold-plated bronze statue of Quan yin Buddha has been a landmark of St. Mt. Puto, since it was built and initiated by many high-level abbots and abbesses about a decade ago.

China is home to so many stories and to understand it you would need to have as many years ahead of you as the country has behind it. Regardless of your passion for finding inner peace or your desire to get beneath the skin of a culture, you must find time to travel into ancient China and feel the energy of these sacred places for yourself.

Even if you don’t come away with a spiritual awakening, you are certain to return home with some amazing stories to share.

Chinese people will welcome you, and the Buddhist community is so peaceful. You may find many people have taken a vow of silence and are well versed in communicating without words, which will make things easier for you if you haven’t mastered Mandarin Chinese!


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