Sizzling Summer Hair Trends

Summer is here! And while the warmer temperatures are great, knowing what to do with your hair can be tricky. The humidity levels rise in many places, leaving a lot of our hair out of control!

So if you feel at a bit of a loss of what to do with your hair in summer (it can be too hot to just leave it do its own thing), then here are some tips and tricks, as well as some of the styles to look for this summer.


Bows and clips aren’t just for your kids; this summer is set to see many of us donning hair bands and hair bows in an effort to keep cool as well as looking good. Even the likes of Emma Stone have been seen in hair bands to keep bangs off their face on the red carpet.

If there was ever a time for some girly chic, then summer is the time. If you’re going to a festival, then a flower band or flower crown could be the way to go too. Just get creative. What I like the most about this trend is that it works perfectly for any bad hair days!

The Lob

Rapunzel-style locks are all very well, but if Taylor Swift and her squad are anything to go by, then the lob (or long bob) is the style for the summer.

You can keep it a length that you can still tie it up, but it means much less maintenance than a longer haircut. Plus, I think when it is styled with quite a blunt finish, it looks super chic.

If you fancy something even shorter, then you could go for a pixie cut, akin to Katy Perry’s shorter look. Pretty perfect for the heat, right? Look for some styles online, and you might find the cutest long pixie cuts that will make you want to give up your long hair now. You never know!


All curly hair girls get excited; corkscrew curls are a great look this summer!

No more spending time using heat to straighten your hair when you can just leave it naturally. The perfect wash and go look. If you don’t have curly hair, then it might take some effort to get your hair looking just as you want it to, but can be completely worth it. Big hair is in!

Denim Hair

The past year or so have seen the bright vibrant hair is in, as well as more recently a pastel mermaid blue color. But this summer has seen many people going for a bit of an in-between look that will give your favorite pair of jeans a run for their money.

Fishtail Braid

Braids are always fun for summer, right?

But fishtail braids are just a quirky twist on a more traditional french or dutch braid. The best way to style them this season is with them going right down the parting of your hair. This will make you look impeccably on-trend.

So will you be giving them a go?


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