Simple Guide On How To Be Comfy Yet, Fashionable

You can often spend your entire life trying to define your sense of style and still never feeling comfortable with it. When that’s the case, you’re often left feeling like you have no signature style at all. Sometimes, part of the problem is the pressure that you put on yourself. Whether you’re looking at what other people wear, or just going by what you wish you were, the pressure to get it right can be the most difficult of all.

And when it comes to pressure, we always seem to think we have to look put together, otherwise, we’re not fashionable. But that’s simply not the case. In fact, casual fashion can look so striking. You may even have looked at other women that rock a casual sense of style and wonder how they do it. Well, all you need to do is know what kind of occasions call for what kind of fashion.


When it comes to weekends, you often want to put comfort above all else. But, when you have plans, you still want to look cute. So, you’re going to need easy outfit ideas that can do both.


  • Sometimes, you just want something super easy to wear. At the weekend, whether you’re heading out to brunch or going on a day date, you can to feel good and look it too. That’s where the romper comes in. It’s an effortless one-piece that is super easy to style. And if you want to go out a night, simply switch your accessories, and you’re good to go.


  • Denim can work for so many different occasions, but it really comes alive in casual fashion. If you’re looking for weekend outfit ideas that can take you from day to night, denim is always a great starting point. Teamed with heels, it can even give you a slightly smart-casual look that you will feel good in even in a bar.


  • And then we have the sundresses and day dresses. Just think Parisian, and you’ll totally get the style. Simple, printed, and easy to wear with sneakers or sandals, a cute day dress will not only make you feel feminine, it’s super comfortable to rock all day too.

To The Movies

At the movie theater, you 100% have to be comfortable. Even when you’re on a date, there’s nothing worse than sitting in poorly fitting clothes for too long.

Basic Tees

  • First up, take your casual weekend denim look and rock it with a tee. There’s nothing that can beat jeans and a t-shirt when you want to feel good and look like you’re not trying. And when you’re going to be sitting in those cinema seats for hours, you need to be able to stretch out and not feel restricted – jeans and a tee are great for that.

Mom Jeans

  • And if you’re wondering what kind of jeans to go with, always opt for the Mom fit when you’re heading to the cinema. They’re slightly baggier, meaning you’ve got a lot of room for movement, but they’re also high waisted, so you won’t feel like your bloat is on show should you choose to go to town at the snack stand.

Wide Fitting Pants

  • If you’re going on a date, you might think that jeans and a tee are just too casual. But, you can dress up your casual options slightly by going for a different style of pant. Right now, wide leg pants are all the rage. They look stylish, but the loose legs make them super easy to wear.


When you travel, you want to make sure that you look and feel good (because planes can be gross), but also move around well and fall asleep in what you’re wearing if you need to.

Anything Oversized

  • When you’re about to spend a long time sitting down in a cramped space, potentially overheating and definitely feeling sleepy, the last thing you want is to be restricted by tight clothes. So, when you’re traveling, but sure to stick with anything oversized. Oversized tees and jumpers are especially great. And the only exception to this rule? Leggings!

Sweat Pants

  • Then you’ve always got the option of going with a fun tracksuit. Sweat pants can come super smart these days, so you’re not going to feel like you should be lounging on your couch. Instead, you can lounge looking fab at the airport. Tracksuit sets can also look incredible for that I’m not even trying kind of look.

Model Off Duty Look

  • And finally, you’ve got the option to do as the models do. Now, you may not want to do the whole jeans and heels thing, but you can definitely do the just left a show and get me home quick look. It’s usually found somewhere between hobo and classy, so just make sure your hair and makeup feels a bit made up and you’ll rock it well.

Family Outings

When you’re with family, you often need an outfit that says you’re well put together (so as not to get disapproving looks) but still feels comfortable, especially if the event you’re heading to is a casual family affair.

A Nice Top

  • Okay, so now is the time to wear a pretty shirt with your favorite jeans. And although you can often feel as if you’re spending a lifetime looking for that nice top, when it’s finally yours, you’ll know exactly where you need to wear it first.

Tailored Separates

  • Then you’ve got the option to go with the mix and match style separates we all know and love. They’re kind of tailored so give off that smart-casual vibe, but they’re usually made from great materials, meaning they’re great to feel comfortable in. Plus, if you throw on a pair of heels, you can head out to meet your friends when they obligatory family stuff is done.

Accessorize It Up

  • And finally, you may have those family occasions where you’re trying to avoid that disapproving eye (thank you Grandma) – even when you’re not heading to a ball! If you want your casual weekend look to look a bit more polished, pull out the jewelry. We’re not talking family heirlooms here, but just some pretty earrings and a necklace that will make your casual style look a lot more put together.


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