How To Prevent Your Skin From Summer’s Kiss

What is it with Summer and skin?

You were expecting a beautiful glowing healthy complexion bathed in sunlight and you got dry and troubled skin that looks far from its best. Summer is the season that can be hard on your skin but there is plenty that you can do to protect it and restore the natural beauty.

Summer is hard on skin

There is no doubt that our skin has a hard time in the summer. Skin is made up mostly of water and so anything that makes your skin lose water will make your complexion suffer. Skin that is poorly hydrated looks dull and lifeless and fine lines and wrinkles are more prominent.

Summer can dehydrate your skin in many ways. It is typically the time when you take your annual holiday and travel, especially long haul flights, can really dry out your skin. The high temperatures and high UV levels caused by bright sunlight remove a lot of moisture from the upper layers of the skin. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day can help but the body can still struggle to rehydrate the skin properly.

In very hot climates you may prefer to retreat into an air-conditioned home or shop. Air conditioning is very dry air and can remove even more moisture from your skin. The result is a loss of elasticity which can make your skin look and feel rough to the touch.

Looking after your skin

Your skin needs moisture to look at its best. Obviously, it is important to take on enough moisture especially during hot weather. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and keep topping it up throughout the day. Use ice to make it more palatable and swap it for fresh juices every now and then. You can also take in moisture by eating juicy fruits and vegetable and you will benefit from the high-quality nutrients at the same time.

Daily moisturization is essential and you need a natural product that will work in harmony with your skin. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in your skin where it helps it to retain moisture and keeps it soft and supple. Invest in the best hyaluronic acid serum which is botanically derived and packed with antioxidant Vitamin C. The high-quality product is as close to nature as you can get and will work with your natural body chemistry. Sagging skin will be naturally lifted once it’s moisture is restored.

At the same time, it is important that you do not strip your skin of precious moisture. Use a high protection sunscreen when you are outdoors and reapply frequently throughout the day and if you have been swimming.

Do not use harsh soaps or cleansers. These strip your skin of natural moisture and can affect the natural pH. Your skin becomes more acid or more alkali than it should be and dry skin or breakouts are the results. Select a gentle soap or cleaners made from natural ingredients.

Hope these simple tips can you help you as we ease into Summer. Enjoy the rays, but never forget to take care of your skin too!


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