Perfect July 4th Vacation Hotspots In The USA

Summer means for many of us that it is time to take that well-earned vacation.

It is your opportunity to relax from your daily lives, recuperate and spend some time with the family. Along with making some great memories to boot. The problem with this vacation is the pressure to ensure you pick the right place and what to do. For some families, it’s that once a year chance to be with one another.

The USA is always going to be a popular destination, however, with 50 states and numerous cities and locations to pick, I thought I would share with you some of the best.

Head to Colorado for a mountainous experience

Colorado is a Western State and boasts a diverse landscape of both desert, river rapids and snow capped mountains. Most of the mountains are protected by the Rocky Mountain National Park.

There are plenty of attractions to visit such as the capital city Denver, which has a great downtown part. Estes Park, with there even being a published top 22 things to do in Estes Park article, leaving you plenty of options for your visit.

Or even some of the other nations parks like Mesa Verde. Offering plenty of opportunities for the adrenalin junky, such as white water rafting, hiking, zip wire and cable car rides.

Enjoy a shopping spree in New York

Many of the women amongst us wouldn’t refuse an opportunity for a shopping spree, so why not spend your holiday in one of the best shopping scenes around? New York, isn’t just about the department stores or iconic high streets.

There is plenty more to see and do such as the Empire State Building, the Statue Of Liberty, and even Central Park where you can relax and unwind.

Experience some of the best beaches in Florida

If you search the best beaches in the USA, you will find that the state of Florida has many listed. Florida is renowned for glorious white sandy beaches that could simply take your breath away.

There is Key West, Clearwater Beach and even Miami beaches to consider. Furthermore, places like Miami and even the capital city Tallahassee have much to offer.

Chance yourself of being famous in Los Angeles

Fancy yourself in the next successful motion picture? There will be no better chance than heading to the TV and Film Center that is Los Angeles. Near the iconic Hollywood sign, you will find the studios of Paramount, Universal, and Warner Brothers.

You also have Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, and even the famous walk of fame to visit. It is certainly a place for a holidaymaker not looking to relax anytime soon.

Encounter the mixed cultural influence in New Orleans

Nicknamed the Big Easy, New Orleans, has a real mixed vibe when it comes to influences. From Europeans to the Caribbean this Louisiana city has much to offer. It is well-known for it’s round the clock nightlife, vibrant live music scene, and spicy cuisine. It has much to see and do, and can certainly offer a vacation to remember.

I hope this has inspired you for your next trip away. Maybe for July 4th long weekend?


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