4 Smooth Tips For Shaving

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Are you sick of getting those little cuts that often come when shaving?

If you end up cutting yourself on a regular basis, it’s probably because there’s something wrong with your whole shaving routine. Men and women make the same mistakes when it comes to removing facial and body hair, so here are some really useful tips that can help you make shaving a lot less painful and irritable. They’ll turn you into a proper blade runner

1 | Invest In Good Equipment

There really is no point in buying a cheap razor as they will won’t shave very efficiently and will only irritate your skin. Instead, it’s a good idea to save up so that you can invest in some top-quality razors and blades.

My favorite go-to shaver is Schick Intuition. I try and switch between Sensitive Care and Advance Moisture as I find that either works best for my skin. A lot of women has also suggested using men’s razors as they’re sharper yet smoother.

You can find out how to choose a razor and razor blades by reading guides online. 

2 | Never Shave With Dry Skin

No matter whether you are shaving your legs, giving your bikini line a trim, or shaving under your arms, the skin needs to be wet. Whatever you do, never try and shave dry skin! It will be much harder for the razor to glide along, and it will end up scraping your skin and causing a rash.

It’s a good idea to use a shaving cream or foam on the area, as this makes it even easier for the razor to target those hard to reach hairs.

But don’t worry if you don’t want to use shaving foam – you can actually use your own hair conditioner. It’s enough for a smooth shave without any of that awful skin irritation! You don’t necessarily need to break your wallet in looking for a specific hair conditioner, I simply use any drug store product that smells good!

3 | Wait to Shave at the End of your Shower!

Quite a few women make sure that they shave their legs as soon as they get into the shower. It makes sense, as most of the women I know hate shaving their legs and want to get it done as soon as possible!

However, you will find that it is actually beneficial to wait until just before you jump out of the shower to shave. That’s because the warm water will have softened the hair and made all of the hair follicles open up, allowing for a quicker and much closer shave.

4 | Exfoliating Will Really Help

All of this shaving isn’t all that good for our hairs and skin. Frequent close shaves can cause ingrown hairs, no matter where on the body you are shaving. But there is one way to prevent this from happening – you just need to remember to exfoliate.

Ideally, you should exfoliate twice a week on days when you don’t shave. If you do ever find any ingrown hairs, they will usually appear as a little red bump on the skin. You can help reduce the bump by placing a warm compression on the area. Applying lotion or moisturizer after you shave also prevents ingrown hairs.

Once you start to use all of the above tips when you shave, you won’t have to ever worry about a painful shave ever again!

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