Take A Trip To Indonesia Without Overspending

Are you already missing the summer?

Those beautiful early mornings of the glorious blue sky, relaxing in the sunshine, and getting to know yourself, has been replaced with cold winter mornings, central heating, and Christmas bills sky high. It’s at this time of year that we all think about leaving our normal life behind and getting back out on the road. But you can’t expect to go somewhere without having to pay through the nose.

Thankfully, there are some beautiful corners of the world where you don’t have to spend much money. Indonesia is one of those countries that may get overlooked, especially when you compare it to places like Thailand, or even nearby countries like China or Japan, there are some ways to travel this fantastic country without breaking the bank.

Take A Breather And Relax

Thankfully, there are so many beaches in Indonesia that, you have no need to spend countless amount of money, propping up a bar somewhere. If you’re suffering from extreme jet lag, there are so many white sand beaches, and with over 17,000 islands, you’ve got countless options to relax, kick back, put your feet up, and stare at the wispy waves.

Of course, you can’t mention Indonesia without mentioning Bali. And there are various resorts that you can stay at for a decent budget. If you’re truly looking for a way to relax, the Ubud Village Resort & Spa has various amenities to suit all tastes. It has a beautiful, and spacious villa, as well as tasty food at the restaurant, and if you like barbecue, that is your place to go!

And the spa itself is complete with all of the most modern techniques in relaxation.

Go On An Adventure

If you don’t like the idea of relaxing on a beach, instead you can put your surfing skills to the test, and paddle in the crystal clear waters surrounding Bali.

Or if you are feeling like more of a land lover on your journey, you could go into the hearts of the countries to rain, via the large rainforests, as well as the volcanoes that make up the fabric of the land. One thing you need to do if you are this way inclined to adventure is to climb the Mt. Batur volcano early enough to catch the sunrise.

Yes, it’s quite an effort, with the dangerous terrain, including slippery gravel and a very steep incline, but once you reach the summit, and catch that beautiful orange orb of light bathing you in its relaxing glow, it will make the whole trek worth it.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Authentic Food

In Indonesia, it’s not difficult to enjoy your food on a budget. If you are not picky, you will be able to get your fill of delicious local foods for a very small price.

The main trick to getting great foods from the local vendors is two go where the locals go. Day or night, you can find fantastic Indonesian cuisines like pempek, mie ayam, and bubur kacang hijau, a sort of mung bean porridge. And it’s not just the assorted hot meals that are a delicacy; there are also traditional Indonesian cakes, known as Kue, as well as pancakes known as serabi.

Not to leave the drink side out, there are some street vendors that sell es teler, an iced cocktail, which usually consists of jackfruit, avocado, grass jelly (known as cincau), and served with various kinds of milk, including coconut milk.

Finding The Right Accommodation

The trick is finding cheap places to stay in Indonesia is in relation to the time of year in which you go. The peak travel times for Indonesia are usually January, August, as well as September and December.

So, accommodation tends to be costlier during these months.

So, you may want to think about renting a place to stay through various sites like RumahDijual, and with accommodation sites like these, you would least know what you are paying for. While hotels are going to be of a high quality, you may want to stick to the home comforts of an apartment or a house.

If you are choosing to go offseason, the best months for these are February, March, October, and November, where you might be able to negotiate the price of your overall stay. And while you can find cheap accommodation in places like Sumatra, there are also extortionate destinations, such as the island of Java, and not forgetting a place like Bali, where the accommodation could go up to $100 a night. But, you can also get accommodation for as little as $10 a night. Check out my post here about top travel apps to help you find accommodation. 

Traveling The Country

Indonesia has, arguably the most diverse methods of travel to get around the country. From plane to taxi, to horse and cart, you name it, they’ve got it! But one of the best ways to get back and forth if you plan on island hopping on a budget is to take a public ferry.

You can get a ferry between Lombok and Bali for as little as $2. But for this budget, you need to bear in mind that the journey can be long and arduous, this ferry between Lombok and Bali can take 4.5 Hours, and that is without adverse weather!

Their travel options include renting a scooter, taking the kai commuter rail, but the quickest option is to take the moto taxi. You can get from A to B very quickly in hectic traffic, just make sure you negotiate the price beforehand, and also make sure the bike has a crash helmet!

Tourist Destinations

Some of the most beautiful destinations don’t cost a penny.

Pasih uwug, known as the broken sea, is one of those wonders of the world that nobody talks about, which is a cave where the floor collapsed, which allowed an influx of water to form a natural pool. It has to be seen to be believed, and not via someone’s Instagram posts!

The other great view Indonesia has the natural beauty stemming from the rice paddies and flower fields; you can see marigolds growing for miles between Kintamani and Bedugul, known as the Desa Belok.

As far as cheap destinations are concerned, this is the tip of the iceberg!

Negotiating In Indonesia

The one thing that you need to get into your head before you head to Indonesia is that almost everything can be haggled down from its original price. If you feel that a price can be a bit too expensive for your budget, you don’t need to shop there; a lot of the time, a local will rather lower their prices to keep a customer.

This is not to say that you should haggle till you are red in the face, and remember you need to have fun while you’re out there. Holidaying on a budget doesn’t need to be stressful, nor should it be. So, remember to focus on the fun, not the finances.

So, before you start thinking about maxing out another credit card on a place in the sun, spare a thought for Indonesia, complete with its 17,000 islands. No doubt, you’ll have plenty of options to do something with a little to no budget.

Unfortunately, the one expensive part is the flight itself, but you can find excellent last minute deals. So, if the thought of yet another winter indoors with nothing but the television for company sounds like the epitome of boredom, get on your backpack, set aside a modest budget, and get yourself to Indonesia!

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    What great tips! I would love to go to Indonesia some day!

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    I’ve always wanted to go to Indonesia; now i want to go even more!

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    I’ve never been to Indonesia but it looks and sounds amazing! The food sounds incredible too and I bet you could easily eat like a king on a budget.

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    I’d love to go to Indonesia! I have to say though, I really dislike haggling. That’s one thing I love about the USA is that there’s not much of that 🙂

    November 29, 2017 at 10:38 AM
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    Ahhh…one day, one day I will get there! I am with you on the authentic food too, I think it is a MUST when travelling and a huge part of the overall experience!

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    This is my dream trip! Such great tips!

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