3 Reasons To Experiment With Your Hairstyle

Our hairstyle is an integral part of our identity, which is why so many of us are careful with our locks.

We are conservative in how we approach our hair, avoiding radical cuts and colors, terrified that we just won’t feel like us anymore if we lose our signature style. As we age, we tend to be more willing to lose a few inches from our hair, but this is about as adventurous as many of us get.

There is one downside to this self-enforced discipline, sometimes, it feels a little bit… boring.

Have you ever wanted to try something truly different with your hair? Perhaps you’ve always wondered how you’d look with a pixie cut, or you’ve seen mermaid hairstyles and have delighted in the idea of sporting a similar look. You have hankered for change, but haven’t quite had the confidence to take the risk and try it– because you’re scared of how you will feel if something goes wrong. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Perhaps it’s time for a new chapter in the story of your hair. I’ll give you 3 reasons you should go for it when it comes to experimenting with something different; perhaps, after reading, I hope to have given you a sense of confidence on your next hair appointment.

1| Every Change You Make Can Be Fixed

If you decide to cut your hair far shorter than you ever have before, that feels like a big leap– and one so worrying, few women ever find the confidence to take it.

This is rather odd, given that short hair can be “fixed” with tape in hair extensions. If you decide the short look isn’t for you, all it takes is an afternoon in the salon to give you back the length you crave.

If you experiment with color, then it’s comforting to remember that a dark brown dye can cover nearly every color “oops”. Yes, you’ll then have to be a brunette, but this is preferable if you try outlandish colors and then decide the look isn’t for you.

2| Being Bold Is Good For You

We humans don’t live to step out of our comfort zone, which sounds fair enough until you realize just how good doing something different tends to feel.

There are a huge number of benefits to trying new things, and given a new ‘do isn’t a permanent change, it seems a relatively risk-free way to experiment. 

I know, speaking from experience that, when I change my hairstyle a new part of Glenny appears. My personality remains the same but I’m much more confident in who I am and how I look. Going from dark brown to blonde to now purple – each phase was a chapter in my life which brought on a different angle of me.

Who knows, maybe I’ll go pink or blue next!

3| Unusual Hair Is Becoming More Accepted

The idea of attracting looks with your ‘do when out in public can be daunting, and cause you to stick to the safe, reliable styles you have known throughout your life. However, unusual hairstyles are becoming more and more commonplace; the chances of you standing out are rather slim.

Fashion and beauty have embraced the idea of difference being a good thing, and if you choose to go your own way, then it’s highly unlikely the average passerby will even notice– radical hairstyles are becoming the ‘norm’ these days.

What’s the one hairstyle you’re looking to take on? And what’s stopping you?!

Confessions of a Scorpio

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  • Reply Sina K

    I’ve experimented with my hair on several occasions-including donating it twice! I have to agree with your article!

    November 28, 2017 at 11:11 AM
  • Reply Melanie

    I admire your bravery in experimenting with your hair! I cut bangs when I was a teen and regretted it instantly. I guess you’re right, though, that it’s possible to get hair extensions if you don’t like it!

    November 28, 2017 at 11:38 AM
  • Reply Mila Buckley

    I’m a fellow scorpio! I love this blog. Sometimes we fall into a rut, and it can be difficult to get out of it. Making a big change is one way to jumpstart things. You’re totally right – being bold is good :).

    November 29, 2017 at 7:59 AM
  • Reply magen

    I love trying new things with my hair. I don’t even want to mention how many times I have changed my color in the past few years.

    November 29, 2017 at 3:05 PM
  • Reply kindavoguish

    I agree with all of these points. I mean, it’s just hair; it DOES grow back (usually!).

    November 30, 2017 at 1:22 AM
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