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Relationship anniversaries can sometimes be a bit tricky, after all, you want to go all out and get them something great, but you also want it to be sentimental and have an emotional connection too.

That is why it can work really way to make the gifts yourself, as then your significant other (SO) knows exactly how much you care about them. With that in mind, check out some ideas below that contains some awesome DIY gift ideas that are just perfect for your anniversary, holidays or even just because!

Postal Jigsaw

This gift is super effective yet really easy to do as well. All it takes it a bit of forward planning, as you will be posting it piece by piece. Something that makes it really great for long distance relationships too.

First of all find a blank jigsaw, something it’s pretty easy to get them from craft stores or online shops like Etsy. Then decide what image you want to send your loved one.

It could be a message, a picture of you together, or an image of a place that is really special to you. Then glue the image to the front of the jigsaw (you will have to make sure its sized right). Once it’s dry, use a craft knife to cut around the shape of each individual piece so it functions as a regular jigsaw would.

A big jigsaw will take longer to post.

Once you have your completed jigsaw all you need to do is pop each piece in an envelope and address them to your SO. Remember though, the bigger the jigsaw, the earlier you have to get this sorted to allow the pieces to arrive on time. You will also need to remember post one each day, and if you can, leave the middle piece to last.

Date Crate

A thoughtful DIY gift that you can make for your other half is a date crate. This is such a great gift because it combines the handmade factor with vouchers for their favorite activities.

First take a gift box, some wooden dowels, and 4 clothes pegs. You will also need something to full up the space in the box once it’s assembled like wood wool or tissue paper, as well as a glue gun and some additional craft materials to make little signs with.

Then decide what sort of date you want to give your other half and go buy vouchers for those. These can really be anything that you know they will love from a reasonably priced night out at the movies, to a once in a lifetime experience like a hot air balloon ride. Wrap the vouchers up in the brown paper too, so they get the joy of opening them, and it’s still a bit of a mystery when they first see the gift.  

Once that’s completed, use your creative skills to make some little signs from paper or wood that can hang in below the vouchers and that describe the activity they relate to. You may choose to write on these, draw pictures instead, or even do a collage.

Now the signs are complete you must assemble the box. First, take the dowels (one for each voucher) and cut them to size, so they stick out of the box. Glue on a peg to the front of each dowel to hold the vouchers. Then glue the dowels to the inside of the box with a gun like the ones you can get from Glue Guns Direct online. Remember the dowels and pegs need to be really sturdy so be sure to use hot glue and hold them in place until they have set.

Lastly, dress the box itself with shredded tissue paper or wood wool for a more rustic feel. Finally, clip the vouchers in place in the pegs, and hot glue the little signs you have made on the front of the dowels, and there you have it! A perfect personalized DIY gift for your SO.

Where We Met Gifts

Lastly, don’t forget gifts that are themed around the place you met and/or got together can be an excellent choice. In particular, map gifts can work really well, and they are super easy to DIY.

All you need is a deep box frame with glass in the front, a piece of card,  picture mount, and some glue, as well as an attractive map of the place that is meaningful to both of you. Then turn the map over and draw a heart shape, making sure that the key location is centered within this.

Then all you have to do is cut out the heart shape and glue it on some card. Cover it with the mount and place back in the box frame and you are done.

It’s easy, it’s meaningful, and it doesn’t cost the earth. You can even make larger frames with multiple locations, to represent all the place that have meaning to you, as a couple.

Need more ideas? You can also check out the gifts I’ve done in the past that I have sent to J for our anniversary, valentines and Christmas!

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