4 Ways On How Millennials Afford To Travel

So, you’ve been dreaming with envy at the sight of one of your friends’ latest Instagram update. They are spending some time traveling in southeast Asia, and the latest picture of them standing in front of the iconic Petronas Twin towers is just more than you can bear.

How can they afford to travel through the world while you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 job that doesn’t even satisfy you? Regardless of whether or not they’ve used additional filters to smooth out the image and enhance the colors before posting it online, it doesn’t change the fact that traveling is an inspirational dream.

So if you want to find out how Millennials afford to explore the world, here are some ideas for you.

Investing in a once in a lifetime trip

Not everyone wants to travel all the time. Some people want to plan their once in a lifetime trip around the world or to a distant country. They don’t really mind if they don’t travel much after that.

For them, the best solution might be to combine savings and a loan – don’t go wild, though, and use a personal loan interest calculator to stay within your budget. However, you might need to stick to a frugal lifestyle for a while to repay your loan.

Some Millennials are always on the go

But there are people who seem always to be visiting new countries. How do they do it? In fact, for a lot of modern travelers, they combine travel fun and earning money, by taking a variety of jobs.

If they stay in the same place for a while, then working in restaurants or bars can be a good idea. But if you’ve got valuable skills that allow you to work remotely, such as programming, all you need is a laptop to earn a living abroad.

The key is to backpack

Backpackers are the most common kind of travelers, especially among students. The most important lesson to succeed in backpacking your way to new countries is to be frugal where and when it matters.

For instance, hostel dorms can save you a lot of money, and it doesn’t make a great deal of difference if all you want to do is see the town. You also need to be cautious of your expenses. There is no need to pay for Internet as you should be able to find hostels or cafes with free WiFi. Finally, as a backpacker, your option to save money is to pick the slowest transport system.

In other words, forget quick flights and pick the bus when touring a country.

Less travel but making it count

Finally, some people don’t travel much, but when they do they do it in style. It’s easy to afford luxury when you take only one trip a year.

There’s nothing wrong with this travel mindset, as long as you remain aware that luxury travel works only in small doses. Have it too often, and you’ll soon run out of funds!

From the one exceptional trip to backpacking memories, Millennials are not only travel-savvy. They also know how to get the best value for their holiday!

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