Ten Ways To Express Your Personality Through Your Hairstyle

We all pay attention to our makeup and clothes when going out, and want to impress people while making a statement. However, our hairstyles that frames our face can also tell a lot about our values, personality, and attitude.

The good thing about hair is that you can change it as you grow older, wiser, or become a more laid-back person. Your hair can work to your advantage or highlight your worst features. Below you will find a few ways of expressing your personality through your hairstyle.

1| Effortless Beauty

If you are a fun and easygoing person, you might want to create an effortless look. From simple side ponytails to a high pony, there are several ways of looking good. For keeping your hair out of your face, you can also use a creative hair band or scarf. If you have medium-length hair with a straight or layered cut, you might recreate the 60-s style hairband design or a bob with a textured cut. You don’t have to have all your hair in a perfect order to look great.

2| Organized and Straight

If you are a professional, you might want to create a more organized hairstyle. From a straight A-line bob to a short hairstyle, there are several ways you can express your serious nature. A well designed high bun with all your hair combed back carefully will also make you appear more serious and sophisticated. You might not want to use extreme colors but instead, choose an even blonde or dark brown.

3| Romantic

If you are a hopeless romantic, there are different ways you can express your personality through your hairstyle. From a loose braid to a messy bun, you can choose the style that matches your personality, your face, and your overall style. Letting your hair down can create a romantic look, too. Get some flowers in your hair, or beads in your braids, and you are ready for a garden party or a holiday in Hawaii. Search for romantic hairstyles at to find the one that fits your personality.   

4| Exotic

Reddish shades, as well as black, can create an exotic look. You might want to try various colors, such as green, blue, or purple; if not for anything else, highlights. Make sure that the color you choose matches your skin tone, or you can appear out of place. The good thing about experimenting with different colors is that you can always dye your hair back to the natural color, but at least you find out whether or not different shades suit you. Creating a bold look can help you make a statement. If you have a colorful and bright personality, show it off through your hairstyle.

5| Unruly Waves

If you are a free spirit, you might want to express it through your hair. If you have a wavy or curly hair, don’t try to get it into a tight bun, or straighten it. You can do so much with unruly waves, such as creating twisted locks or creating a half updo. Make a high messy bun, or braid your hair loosely around your face. No matter what the condition of your hair is, it is possible to make the most out of your unruly waves and curls and express your thirst for freedom.

6| Curls with Their Bounce

If you have a happy-go-lucky personality, you might want to allow your curls to bounce, instead of making them stay low and boring. There are several hair care products that help you make the most out of your curls, and allow you to express your fun personality. From a high updo that creates a waterfall of your curls to a few side buns that make you look energetic, brave, and easygoing.

7| Redheads for Fun

Redheads are considered to be full of fun and energy, and fun to be around. If you feel like a redhead, you should go ahead and brighten up your hair color. There is nothing to stop you. Bear in mind that if you have a light complexion, some shades of red will not be for you. It is always best to use online hair styling apps and tools to find out which shade of red suits you the most, or checking with your hairdresser first.

8| Stripes for the Animal Spirit

For a quirky and truly unique look, you might want to try stripes of different color. Become a tiger or a colorful bird: nobody can judge you if you don’t let them. Create some contrast, and make sure that you are testing the colors first. From black and white to purple and red, there are great combinations to choose from to express your colorful personality.

9| Ombre for Sophisticated Beauty

In recent years, ombre has become popular among young professionals. You can lighten or darken your ends, and make your hair flow around naturally and frame your face. If you are brave enough, you could use reddish shades, or only ombre your side bangs, to make a statement. Whether you are a teacher or a doctor; a stylish ombre will improve your looks.

10| Short Hair for Easy Maintenance

In case you have always been a tomboy and would like an easy life, you can get a stylish but short haircut. From a very short pageboy bob to a spiky haircut, your options are numerous. You can get a fringe combined with a short haircut to fully frame your face and emphasize your features.

You can express your personality and nature through your hairstyle, as well as your clothes and makeup. Whether you would like to make a statement or show your effortless style off, there is a perfect hairdo for you to be discovered. Don’t be afraid of experimenting; unless you shave your hair off, everything can be fixed. Even if you cut your hair too short, you can buy some wigs until it grows up. Be brave, be creative, and most of all be yourself when choosing your next hairstyle.

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