Hi! I’m Glenda – actually everyone calls me Glenny.

I’m the founder and content creator behind Confessions of a Scorpio. I’m a nerd and a child at heart who loves to be behind the computer screen always trying to increase my knowledge in all things tech or I could be found playing the newest video game releases on my PlayStation 4. (Although, I do hope to be able to find room for a gaming PC too.)

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I created Confessions of a Scorpion originally to document my adventure being in a long distance relationships in hopes to debunk any myths behind it – and to also provide a source of outlet for my passion to write. I was eager to allow my readers to unlock secrets of my past in hopes to help empower women (and/or men) to find their own voice whether through life or love.

I personally enjoy finding hidden gems around the world and playing tourist in my own city that when I was employed in the cooperate world, I found myself finding it rather difficult to be able to freely pack my bags and see the world. This is how Virtually Glenny was born.

Still a lifestyle blog, Confessions of a Scorpio has now expanded over the year to where I now include my other passions in life: Travel, Food, Fashion and Beauty.

Since Confessions of a Scorpio has launched back in December 2015, I have had the opportunity to partnered up with amazing brands and shops. Here are some of my past collaborations and sponsorship:

If you’re interested in working with Confessions of a Scorpio please do not hesitate to reach out by using my contact info!! Or if you would like to just drop by and say Hi feel free to reach me on any of my social media channels