Well, actually my real name is Glenda but everyone has been calling me Glenny for so long it kinda well… stuck.

I’m the content creator behind COAS but I’ve actually been blogging since the Xanga and Live Journal era. (brownie points for anyone who also lived in that era and knows what I’m talking about). Other than that, I’m also a big nerd and child at heart. I also love spending my time on PSN with the Bravo Team discussing our love for video games, shows, and movies.

Having an ENTJ personality I decided to also launch my own business being a Creative Director where I help passionate bloggers through 1:1 mentorship to achieve their goals!

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I started COAS to write about my journey in a long distance relationship in hopes to debunk the myths while also encouraging to inspire other LDR couples that love can surpass any distance and hurdles.

From there, COAS evolved to now also having content showcasing hidden gems around the world, must-try restaurants, hotels, and embracing your own unique style through fashion and beauty.

Since Confessions of a Scorpio has launched back in December 2015, I have had the opportunity to partner up with amazing brands and shops. Here are some of my past collaborations and sponsorship:

So I encourage you to follow me in my continuous journey and don’t hesitate to say HI on any of my social media channels. Contact me if you would like to work with Confessions of a Scorpio, but if you like to know more about blogging, social media and need 1:1 help, schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me here.